Smaller speaker to replace Khorus in Tact system

I'm looking to replace my Talon Khoruses with a smaller, preferably floorstanding, speaker. Price range $3000-$5000 used.

I'm using a Tact 2.2x preamp/crossover and 2150 amp/DAC.
I don't need deep bass as I'm using dual subs (RBH 1010 driven by BC Evo 200.2 amp) crossed over at 250 Hz (with the Talons).

With the subs, I don't need the bass extension the Khoruses provide, so thought I'd look for a smaller speaker.
I've enjoyed the Khoruses, but my prefernce would be one that's less recessed in the mids, needing less correction from the Tact. Probably a 2-way, as the 3-ways usually cross over to the bass driver too low (Hz) for use in my application.

Will consider monitors, but tend to (aesthetically) prefer floor standers. I've considered Focus, and also Merlins, but not sure if the Bam would present a problem.

Since I'll probably purchase used, I won't go to a dealer to audition.

Any ideas welcomed.
I owned the Talon Khorus XII's and replaced them with the Usher 6381 speaker. The Usher is more musical to my ear. I gave up nothing , except some bass power, and actually gained in many areas! Dealer discount - $2800 or so.

Good luck
Merlin VSM-MM or MX. I have an MM model, and it is far and away the most refined, musical speaker I've heard. You can find one on audiogon used for the price you are looking for. Check out the numerous reviews on this and many other sites.