Smaller PrimaLuna Integrated Owners...

...What speakers have you used which have had uncommonly good synergy with your Four-Power-Tubed PL integrated amp?  Especially interested in the experiences of Evo 100, Prologue Classic owners and the earlier iterations of these who use EL-34 variants but would be curious to hear what Evo 200/Prologue Premium owners have to say as well.

What speakers have you used with your PL which have been lackluster or just a downright bad combination?

Thanks in advance.
I own a PL Dialogue integrated and swapped out the 4 stock power tubes for Gold Lion KT77s. I prefer their more evenly balanced top to bottom sonic presentation. I’m using von Schweikert db99se loudspeakers, which have internally powered woofers and are designed to run on very little power. Formerly I utilized an SET amp for many years. So, I have somewhat limited experience but am delighted with my present set up. I have owned a handful of tube amps over the decades and the PL product is tops for ease of use and most importantly sound quality. I hope the PL integrated lasts a very long time. Hope this helps.
Had the Prolgue 2 years ago, been using the HP for nearly 5.
I always found the KT77 to be nicer sounding than the El34.
Been using 6L6G as my go to sound.

Pl is good stuff if you want to just enjoy music,and forget the gear madness.

What's lackluster to one person, may be "just right" to another. Subjective.
Best to just try as many as you can,if possible.

I've been using older Opera Seconda floorstanders that got so-so reviews, but I find them satisfying.

Other than trying an obvious overly low efficiency design, it's all in the ear?

I have owned the PL 2 Integrated and PL 5 Power Amp since 2005.  Never a problem in 15 years.  About 5 years ago, I gifted the PL 2 to a friend for an all analog system and I still use the PL 5 in my main system.

From the current Prima Luna product offering, the original PL offerings would line up with the Classic products.

I used E34s mostly with the PL2 Integrated.  I got very good sound from the JJ E34, Mullard E34, Tung Sol E34.  

For the PL5 Power Amp, I got very good sound from the Electro Harmonix 6CA7, JJ KT88, and Genalex Gold Lion KT 88 (current).

With the PL2, best speaker combinations were with the Omega Super 3i and  Energy RC 30.  Worst speaker combination was with the Spendor SA1.  Decent combination was the Totem Mite.  

With the PL5, best speaker combinations were with the Opera Platea and Zu Audio Dirty Weekender (current).  

I like single driver speakers like the Omegas with tubes.  The Zu Audio are truly something else ... very lifelike.  System is both vinyl and CD.  

Music delivered by Totem Forest speakers driven by a PL Prologue Premium equipped with Winged C EL34s and NOS 12AU7s sounds uncommonly good to me....better than when other tube amps (6550 & EL34) were used; better even than when one of the current stable of SS amps (Hegel H200, Taranis, First Watt F7) is used. All those sound very, very good with the Forests but the PL just seems to take things to another level. I’ve a pair of Silverline Prelude Plus floorstanders but the PL/Forest combination is the one that stands out to me. Hope this gives you some of what you were looking for.
I have 15 year old Omega Hemptones hooked up to my PL DiaLogue Premium Integrated.  I've run EL34s, KT120s and KT88s, and I prefer the Gold Lion 88's to the others.  The old Omegas really sing with the PL/88's.
Just recently purchased the EVO 300 and paired them with the Tannoy XT8F. It’s been a few weeks and the whole system is still breaking in, but so far VERY happy with this combo. The 91bd sensitivity pairs well with the PL and I’m glad I didn’t go for the more powerful 400. Would have been overkill.