Smaller House/Equidistant Side Walls Impossible

Basically, what I'm wondering is - In a situation where speakers must be at one end of a long, narrow room (13" x 23") and situated on the long wall, how good/expensive a pair of speakers & related electronics to drive them becomes pointless? My situation is that I'm downsizing to a much smaller home where placement on the short wall will not be possible. 90% sure that any type of false corner type structures won't meet the WAF. I've got JBL L65s but, even at their relatively small size, they may prove too large for the space. Have been toying with the idea of better quality monitors on stands (Dynaudio/Proac/etc.) and adding a sub later if needed but, in this type circumstance, would I be just as well served with something of much less quality due to acoustic factors that I'm more or less locked into utilizing? Musical tastes are heavy on "modern type" (Rock, Jazz, some Country)...Not so much Classical, Bluegrass, Opera, or Rap. Thanks.
Oh man, the L65 Jubals were my first really good speaker - I LOVED those darn things. And they sure held their value thru the years.

I have since switched to Gallo Ref. 3.1s and am quite happy. They are not quite as in your face as the Jubals, but they do so many things right, VERY good speakers. And they will work in the room you describe. They can be purchased for $1500 or less here on Audiogon...

Your downsizing is still bigger than my present situation and I have Tonian floor standers with no problems I can detect due to listening in the near field. My room, aside from dimensions, is similar to yours. I think you'll end up about 9' or so from your speakers so I'd position them at least 10' apart (try more if you can) and you should be pleasantly surprised.

I had to get rid of my Legacy Classics due to bass overload but I didn't need to go with monitors, just something with less bass as the room more than made up for it.

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