Small wall-mount speaker recommendations?

I'd like to mount a pair of small speakers in a somewhat awkward situation. They'll be on a wall at the edge of a sort of loft - too complicated to describe - providing music to a fairly large area with complex geometry. I don't need high volume, and if speakers are pushed for bass, can always add a subwoofer. So - a bookshelf-type speaker, can't be rear-ported, as thin as possible front-to-back (10" would be nice) and no more than 16" high.

I very much prefer the uncolored sound of British monitors - IMF and B&W from the transmission-line days, and so forth - not so much the AV sound now more common.

Budget: as far below $1000 as possible, used OK. The few real hifi stores remaining around here have very limited selection for listening, or are priced way out of reach, so might have to buy unheard. Suggestions appreciated.
rega rs1 are within your budget and size criteria and sound very good--they work very wall at or near wall. also consider audioengine passive monitor (p4?)--surprisingly good for the price.
Thanks, Loomisjohnson. The rega looks to be ported in back, so might not work when mounted hard against a boxed beam. The Audioengine P4 is new to me, and might work with a subwoofer - thanks for the references.
I use a pair of Gallo Diva ti speakers mated to the Galo MPS-150 sub with very good results. They more than met my expectations considering their size. Very easy to hide or mount in odd places.
The littlest guy in the Vienna Acoustics Schoenberg line-up (IIRC, it's called the Berg) might work. However, I think that it's priced right at the upper limit of your budget and will require a subwoofer.

I've also used the Gallo, pre Timrhu's recommendation and agree that it's a good choice. The VA costs more, but - IMHO - it looks and sounds considerably better than the A'diva. OTOH, the Gallo is probably the better value.

Good Luck

You might look at the weirdly named (the clue) speaker from Sjofn HiFi. Just heard them at the New York Audio and AV show and they were a standout. They're small and designed to go against the wall, and if I'm not mistaken they're around $1000 - a huge bargain.
Try the B&W 686 they are front ported and have a hanger in the back. I have a pair in my garage hung on the wall and they work great.
So what did you finally go with?