Small vinyl system..Thiel, Musical Design preamp, + ? Acurus amp?

So I have the bug again of system building...
Small vinyl 2.1 system in my reading room, 12 x 12

Trying to utilize my Musical Design preamp I've had in box for 15 years

AT 120 turntable 
Thiel 1.2 speakers
PSB sub...
Music Design SP 2B tube preamp

Acurus A250 amp , used. <<<<<<<. questionable to drive Thiels
Can be had for $400-500 used, and want to stay on this area.

My concern is matching preamp to a power amp.
i think i have one of those in storage somewhere 

Trying to jog my memory, but my recollection of the Acurus  was that it had a rather low input impedance which might be a concern with some tube pres. The sound of the Acurus amps as I recall, had bass that competed with much more expensive offerings, but alas the upper range was quite chalky.  That chalkiness might(?) be alleviated with a tube pre such as your Musical Design SP 2B (which I have no experience with), but otherwise IME would not mate well with the Thiels. A 12 X 12 room can be quite challenging as well. Good luck.
i had a  cj pv 10 with that acuras i had ,i think it was 150 w

I had an Acurus A250 years ago and sent it to Mondial twice for repair (free, but still)…no clue if that's typical for those, but it was annoying.