Small USA Record Company Since 1946

I work with Master Trak which has been in business for two generations. In the early years, JD Miller produced artists such as Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Lightning Slim and in the later eras produced Warren Storm, Katie Webster, Carol Fran, Buckwheat Zydeco, Sonny Landreth, and many other regional artists from down here in the Swamps, Marshes and Bayous.

We're still here. Over the years, other record companies such as Flyright, and Ace Records leased masters from my bosses, the Miller family (sons of JD)

In our storage warehouse area, above the studio (still active) and retail area, we have shelves of old store stock, still in boxes. In other words there are aisles of shelves filled with SEALED 8tracks, Cassettes, CDs, and of course vinyl records...

Most releases that came out of this small record company in Crowley, LA only had 500 pressed.
Other than the Flyright and Ace records output, there are no reissues... with the exception of some really old recordings being repressed on another label, decades later. (rockabilly such as Al Ferrier or Johnny Jano on Showtime, is an example)

The output from this record company included... blues, r&b, soul, swamp pop, zydeco, Cajun, country and comedy... as well as some garage band stuff (Sushine Reigns and others)

I mostly sell at discogs or walk in customers. 
Our best selling item was a vinyl record in 2015... Sonny Landreth Blues Unlimited 5026 LP 

How refreshing, in the snoopwhomever era... dog. Young people are asking me for Otis Redding, etc...

Happy New Year. We're an American company that is still here. We ain't dead is another wonderful day on earth, and hope you got some nice records for Christmas!


MTE Records

Happy New Year!
During what hours is the retail facility open? Next time I pass through Crowley I would like to pay a visit.
Mon - Friday, 10AM - 5PM