Small tear in PHY-HP driver, please help

I was installing my PHY-HP drivers into the cabinet i designed, and poked a small tear/hole in the paper driver, near where it meets the surround. It is 3-4mm in diameter. I was extremely careful, yet I feel like such an idiot even posting this. Alas, the screws which clamp the driver to the wood are slotted heads rather than Philips heads, and the screwdriver slipped and jammed into the driver. I could vent about slotted heads, as I don't understand why their still used, but that would do little to repair the driver.

Any thoughts on how to repair this, or how big of a deal it is? Thank you sincerely.
If you can just put it together and use tiny bit of white paper glue it should be OK. Even without the glueing it will not matter in sound, just the cosmetics....
May I suggest using a non-magnetic screw driver in the future. The magnets in the drivers seems to be especially thirsty for screwdrivers, and suck them right up. Been there.
Try contacting Tony Manasian of Tonian Labs as he sells PHY speakers. If anyone knows about them, he does.
You may want to research on the AudioKarma site. They have a lot of diy experts that could give some great suggestions....not specifically to the Phy drivers but in drivers in general, such as Tannoy and the likes of which where the principle idea would be the same.

Just an idea.
I have repaired torn paper drivers using cigarette rolling paper. Using white glue like Elmers thinned with water, wet a piece of rolling paper slightly larger than the tear with the thinned glue and apply the paper to the backside of the cone. Press firmly into place and allow to dry. Voila!
I made the same mistake that you did with a screwdriver size slit in the driver. I picked up a tube of Fabric adhesive from Michaels craft store. The Fabric adhesive once cured as some give to it. It has held now for several years with no issues or sonic penalty.