Small System Rebuild. Need Integrated Amp

Do to circumstances beyond my control (but not beyond my ex-wife's control) I am re-building with a very small budget minded system. I have found a very nice deal on a new pair of Focal Chorus 714V speakers so I am set on that end. I am going to need almost everything else from cabling to integrated amp to DAC. The first order of business is the integrated amp.

I have been considering a couple of locally available options.

1. Cambridge Audio Azur 651A Integrated amp with 75 watts per channel and about $800. Trusted standby as I owned both a 650 and 851 at different times

2. NAD D7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier for $1000. 50 watts per channel and I like the feature rich aspects that really meets my computer based system needs and the sleek design. It has a built in USB DAC which me I don't have to add a DAC and the additional digital inputs meets a need for connecting satellite TV. It also has a cool iPad remote control app. But, the sound I question some. It was airy and open but somewhat, well, digital.

3. NAD C356BEE Integrated Amp. At 80 watts per channel this has a more natural sound I think I would like. This can been gotten for $800 or add the DAC module for $900. I guess I have a little concern over all these built in DACs with regards to quality and perform a cover buy a separate DAC in the $300 to $500 range. Being a traditional integrated amp it has lots more inputs than I am going to need.

Other thoughts are appreciated. I also have to consider cabling (probably Kimber speaker) and interconnects.
Audiophiles tend not to look to mass market brands and often for good reason,
but in this category a Denon integrated will easily beat its competition even at
several times the cost.

disclaimer- Audio dealer, not Denon.
Why aren't you looking at Peachtree? That's a great little amp with an unbeatable DAC all in one!
Dunno about NAD but as a Cambridge owner, I can confirm there are reliability issues with their amps that have been echoed elsewhere on this forum. I have a 551r that had some caps explode in under 2 years of ownership.
I would recommend a Classe CAP-151 for that price-range. I had one and absolutely loved it (before moving to a Pass INT-30A). The previous owner felt the same way... just a really great piece of gear. Seems like they come up here at a decent clip.

Also, probably out of your price range, but there's a Hegel integrated with an integrated DAC currently listed at $1699 (H100). I've really liked the sound of Hegel too...
Music Direct has the Marantz 6004 integrated for $400, reduced from $600. Hard to go wrong at this price.

+1 Rich.. Hard to go wrong. Also buy a used budget DAC and USB to SPDIF converter. Amps do not age as do DACs.
Rar1 gave you the right advice on that Marantz.
Lots of great suggestions. The Marantz would be a good choice. The 326BEE and 356BEE would be nice as well. I have the 320BEE and 325BEE. Both sound great but I will add the reliability would concern me if I bought another NAD.

Another you should look into is the Arcam FMJ A19. Heard it, demoed it at home, bought it. I love it. Very nice step up from the 320BEE and the 325BEE. The Marantz 8004 would have been my next choice.
NAD, short for Not Always Dependable.
You should also consider a Rogue Sphinx, which used would be comparable in price to some of the other models mentioned. Very nice and rich sounding with great mids. I spent some time listening to one at a local dealer while looking for new speakers. Didn't buy any speakers, but later ended up finding a good deal for a mint used Sphinx here on the Gon.