Small system, high WAF

I am thinking of a NAD D3020 with a pair of KEF LS 50 and a Gallo sub to use in the family room.  Not for anything but Bluetooth pairing with cell phone as high quality background/moderate volume music.  All jazz and classical.  Thoughts?
The nearest alternative would be the wireless LS50 with built-in pre/amplication and subwoofer output. It has the distinct advantage of employing a more powerful amp, plus eliminating a chassis.
I didn't know they existed, what a good idea.
I went through the same thing last year and settled on a Blusound Powernode 2.

I originally thought of driving an existing  pair of Tannoy Mercury F1's, but they would require a stand, so I settled on my Tannoy Mercury F4 - much bigger but they do not required a stand. They have a similar footprint to the F1 + stand and but more aesthetically pleasing + they sound a whole lot better :-)

Wife is happy - so am I :-)

If you want a small floor standing speaker - take a look at the Kudos - they sound fantastic as well as being "almost" invisible.

Hope that helps - Steve
not sure you need such an expensive speaker for Bluetooth from a phone...