Small speakers - Totem Arro / Reference 3a Dulcet

Looking for ~1k used speakers for second small room. Has anyone compared both of these speakers and would be kind enough to share their strengths and weaknesses? The room is about 13'x12', I listen to country, vocals, and some light pop. They would be driven by either a Mcintosh MC240 or an Onix 60W integrated (have access to both, but would like to leave the 240 in main system). Thanks,

I didn't hear the Reference 3A Dulcets (though the same dealer that had the Totems also had them), but I helped a friend put together a system, and he ended up with the Arros. I am very impressed with them in this price range. Their soundstange and imaging is very good, and vocals were very natural. For music with a decent amount of low frequency program, though, I would recommend a subwoofer if you like to have any volume. For quiet listening, though, they have an amazing amount of low end, considering the 4" woofer.
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i have owned a pair of totem arros in the past and have heard the AP steps. both speakers produce an amazing sound for their size. the audio physic's are quite a bit more money than the arros. i think the steps are $1700 while the arros are $1100, all new. if you are looking at around $1500+ for speakers, look at the totem model 1's. i used to have these also and i thought these sounded better than the steps and are also a large step up from the arros.
good luck
The Dulcets are easier to drive. I heard them at CES2004 and was blown away by them. However, I'm also a fan of Totem. Just wish Vince Bruzzese would design speakers with greater sensitivity.
Both excellent. I've had both at home in my 11' x 16' room for auditions, although it was quite awhile ago for the Arro's - and my electronics were not as good then. Both are exceptional imagers, and disappear beautifully into the soundstage. Where I live, the Dulcets cost at least 50% more, and of course need stands, but my impression is that they are well worth it and are capable of providing more music across the spectrum. In fairness, I'd have to bring the Arro's in for a side by side again with the same amp etc. I suggest the Dulcet is more comparable to the Totem Model 1's or the Hawks in price and capability.
I would have to say the Dulcets should be the way to go. Easy to drive and they dissolve and disapear! Good Luck!

Home auditioned once again, bought Dulcets. Over the last while I did lots of back and forth comparison with a number of stand mounters; some mini, some of the 16 1/2 inch tall, one foot-plus deep variety; including JMlabs Electra 907 Be, Monitor GR10s, Epos. Compared several nice two-way towers, including several Totems, a couple of three-ways; Monitor Silver 9i and JM Labs 927 Be's.

The Dulcets are superb, magical for my use; small room, quieter listening levels, more inclined to voice and guitar, Van Morrison, female vocalists, smooth jazz, acoustic oriented folk and blues, chamber music, as opposed to full orchestra, hard rock, hard driving jazz.

Just a special clarity and directness to the music coming through...