Small Speakers to Use With McIntosh Electronics ?

Well it's "upgrade" time again! Sound familiar? This time
I'm getting ready to replace a bedroon system that has Adcom
electronics with some small Audiosource speakers I've had
for well over 10 years.
Room size is approx. 13 feet x 16 feet, with an 8 foot
ceiling. Being a diehard McIntosh fan; I'll be going with
a lower powered SS Mac amp and Preamp. Or possibly an
integrated unit. Will probably be going with a lower powered
set-up - given room size - and the fact that I mostly
listen to classical music, and a bit of jazz & pop. My
biggest issue is placement - since the speakers will have to
be placed faily close to a the wall or possibly wall mounted. This will probably eliminate the choice on any speakers that have rear porting.
I'm considering some of the small Paradigms and NHTs;
but suspect there may be better choices. All suggestions
will be appreciated.
check out the new soliloquy 6,0
an awesome pair ....
Check out the award winning Epos M12 (monitor), and floor standing M15. Very clear and open. The floor standers are quite small in footprint.
This reply is probably too late to help you, but the
Mourdant Short line that included the 20i & 30i speakers were made to be placed within 4" of a wall, and they sound excellent for speakers in the $500 retail range. You
might find them used for under $200 a pair.