small speakers for Tredns/other mini T amp

Would like a speaker that could be good enough to sit in office but sometimes travel.Have become interested in cheap low powered T amps for a laptop.Was thinking that I have pair of AR powered partner,could throw some more down (say $350) for Audio Engines.But what if wants some inexpensive 92-94db+(?) boxes too have a nicer compliment to cheap Trends or King Rex (both nicely reviewed at 6moons).Would be nice if somebody made a tough box with high efficiency drivers for a desk system that might travel (like pro monitor with felt or pro cover and small inset handles be what I would want with usual suspects like Fostex etc.Yeah I know build my won but that would be a potential disaster.Any candidates?
I have a Tim Rawson brick-type chip amp he rates at 25wpc. I'm driving a pair of Visonik David speakers with it. With or without a USB DAC, this is my office system. It's tough and compact, great for traveling with my laptop in NA. For international travel I would be glad to have a Winsome Mouse amp.
I run Scandyna Micropods with my Trends. The Micropods each fit into a sock and pack well. Setup with the tiny tripod feet.

A Samsung 10" portable DVD player works as source or as you mentioned a laptop. I've driven a $10,000 pair of Martin Logans with the Trends to very loud levels at a Magnolia HiFi shop. That was weird. So I'm not sure a very efficient speaker is a must.