Small Speakers 4 a Small System w/ Advent Receiver

Hi All. I just purchased a well maintained Advent 300 receiver, and I want to use it to make a nice, little, mini, inexpensive office system. So I'm looking for a set of small speakers (<5" woofers) to sit on my desk on either side of the monitor, that I can listen to in the near field, that work well with the Advent (15wpc). One poster suggested stearing clear of metal tweeters with this receiver - but that's just one person's opinion. I don't want to pay more than $100 or so (used or new). C'mon - put your thinking caps on! Any suggestions? Paradigm Micros?

With vintage receivers, I agree that you first consider speakers with soft dome tweeters ... they mate well with the warm sound of most vintage receivers. I also like modern era speakers paired with vintage receivers. I have a vintage Marantz 2216B (16 wpc) that has worked well in a set-up similar to the one that you will be setting up.

For new speakers though, I think that you may need to budget for $200. Some speakers worth looking at are:

1. Phase Technology 4.5
2. Wharfedale Diamond 8.1

Regards, Rich
For around $100 or under, I'd consider Energy XL-15 bookshelf spks. Excellent build quality and they can be mounted w/ the excellent (but expensive) Energy wall mounting brackets. Another possiblity, the very small DCM CX-007's. You'd might want to consider magnetic shielded spks. if they are to be placed close to your monitor. I believe both these spks. are shielded.
NHT Superzeros are a little more than your budget,but worth it, IMO.
RAD Micros