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I've been reading the threads, and being new to this, I'm bit lost in the midst of things...

I have an office (13x16??)in which I want to have small speakers. Era d4 are a perfect size except my amp is an NAD 320bee. I'm told this isn't enough power. Aside from a new amp which I don't want, what are the options new or used in aspeakers?
have you tried them? the nad/era may be fine in your room.
You have plenty of power with the NAD C320BEE. I posted a review of the NAD 320 here.

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Audition the B&W 685 stand mounts. Phenomonal. Great with NAD equipment.
Just my 2 cents,Dynaudio Audience 42's.IMHO you will not find a more balanced sound in this small a package.The warm sound of the NAD will shine through a set of these & I wouldn't worry about power UNLESS you listen LOUD.
Before you determine you don't have enough power, step back a minute and look at all the variables.

How loud will you be listening? Amplifier power has a logarithmic relationship to perceived loudness. The amp has to crank out ten times the power for you to double the volume.

If you are listening at medium or lower levels there are very few speakers that need massive amounts of power.

The Era D4 speakers show a nominal impedance of 6 ohms which shouldn't tax your amp. The specs list a sensitivity of 84 dB with 1 watt of power; while this is somewhat low sensitivity, 84 dB is actually a pretty fair listening volume. With 50 watts of power on the NAD, you'll have quite a bit left in reserve.

I use a Trends 10.1 with about 7 watts a channel for a pair of LS3/5a clones which are similarly low efficiency. While I use them as near-field monitors for audio editing work on the computer, power has not been an issue for me.

However, if you're after rock concert volume levels, I'd suggest you need to rethink the whole system.
Anyone know how much power the 320 puts out? I'm running a set of the D5's with a NAD L73 (rated 60 wpc) and it can easily go to ear bleeding levels. Note that NAD generally estimates the power output very conservatively so when they say 60, they mean it, maybe more. I strongly suspect that the 320 will be great. As for the D4 I cant think of a better speaker at that size and in rosewood it's great looking. I have D4's as my rears and frankly I think they are wasted there. You have a good plan if the 320 is in the ballpark. OK I just checked and NAD states 50Wx2 for the 320. No Prob at all.
This is very encouraging. The D4's remain in the top choices unless others come recommended... My listening level will be low to moderate at most, fyi. Thanks to everyone!
i'll take the contrarian view and suggest you replace the eras with a more efficient, better-sounding speaker--von schweikert vr1, psb imagine, proac, focal, rega r1 or rs1, etc.--all of which can be found in the $500-1k range.
Since the 320BEE has pre-outs you have the option of adding a more powerful power amp to the system later if you do find you need more grunt for the D4's. I'm not suggesting you will but that flexibility might make it easier to move ahead now with trying whichever speakers you decide on.
I second the B&W 685. Excellent, liked them much more that the CM2 and 705.