Small speaker suggestions

Hello all, I'm looking for speaker suggestions. I have listened to Totem Arros Dynaudio excite 12 as well as some B and W. The dyns and B and W were being played through a switch box that may have contributed but neither impressed.

My budget is 500 - 700 for a small bookshelf or floor standing speaker.

I listen to a lot of rock as well as jazz. I want something that shows the details in the jazz recordings but doesn't reveal the flaws in the rock recordings.
I've owned the ARROs - yes; fine speakers with the "right" hardware and cables.
I've also owned REGAs: terrific with "most" kit" and very foregiving vis-a-vis cables and supporting kit.
REGA R1s/R3s (now RS1 and RS3) are within your budget: they perform way above their weight class. Check out the AGON threads on these: well worth the audition.
You might consider the Silverline Prelude. Small footprint, full sound and easy to drive. Should be able to find a used pair for $700.00 or so.
"I listen to a lot of rock as well as jazz. I want something that shows the details in the jazz recordings but doesn't reveal the flaws in the rock recordings."

Thats probably not going to happen. You'll save a lot of time and money if you just buy 2 pairs of speakers. I was going to recommend a small floorstander; the Vandersteen model 1. I'm sure that you can find a really good used pair in your price range. You will definately happy with them on good recordings, but they are very detailed and will reveal flaws.
Silverline Minuets are outstanding.Doubt if they can be beat ar that price.
Agree w/Schubert. A number of years ago I heard stacked pairs at Silverline's store playing some jazz. Just amazing listening quasi nearfield. I almost bought them even though I didn't need them (bought the Bolero's).
Pioneer SP-BS41-LR 130 Watt RMS 2-Way Speakers (Pair). Read the reviews. Amazing. $190. Designed by TAD designer Andrew Jones. There's also a Sub -- Pioneer SW-8 100 Watt RMS Subwoofer System.
My first listening session with the Arros was short and with music that I was unfamiliar with so I want to give them another shot.

I plan on going to this dealer next weekend. They also carry Rega, Sonus Faber, Vandersteen etc. I will definitely have to give the Rega's a listen.

I looked up Silverline's website but do not see anywhere that links to a dealer so I could go listen. They do look attractive and very small. How do they perform with bass response?

Thanks for the suggestions and continued suggestions.
dc10audio Berlin Mini Monitor B stock $1200.00
Another strong vote in favor of the Rega RS1 and RS3.
Check out Dynaudio's Excite 12. Quite a speaker in a tiny package.
Pioneer S-Z9
If you lucky to find them.
In the budget category you define Jrod, you may want to consider the Behringer Truth 2-way monitors. They have very linear (smooth) response and respectably low distortion.

The B2031P (available at many location on the web) has been tested independently by ZaphAudio. The response plot I'll directly link here.

You can see Zaph's write up and his tests on the individual drivers in his blog.

Very reasonably priced, with accurate presentation and voicing.
I'vecowned Rega3's , Arros and Siverline Preludes.
All are good speakers but Preludes are far and away the best, more forward than Rega's though if that matters, but tremondous bass and that not just for their size.Highs are there but not prominent, same with the Regas.Preludes do a bit better in larger rooms than others, but all 3 happier in smaller rooms.Preludes are OUTSTANDING with Jazz, small groups seem in the room as do vocals.
Arro's are fast but a bit thin for my taste.YMMV
Thanks to everybody for all of the suggestions.

I haven't been able to post on here as I have been busy, we lost power for a week from the hurricane. Life happens...

I was able to audition the Arros and they were not a fit for me as I am a bass fan.

I did like the Totem rainmakers however. They seemed to have more bass and do some nice things with timbre, soundstage etc.

I auditioned the Sonus Faber Toy towers which I really liked but were out of my price range.

I heard some Dali and Linn bookshelf speakers.

I listened to the Dynaudio excite 12 but not in optimal conditions.

I listened to the Rega rs5 also not in optimal conditions.

I just purchased the monitor audio rx6. To my ear they offered the best combination of bass, detail soundstage etc. I should have them set up at home in about a week and should be able to hear what they do in my system
I think you made a very good choice. Monitor is a brand that I would have recommended, but given the description in your original post, I thought they may be a bit too revealing. I had the silver 8's, myself. If I remember correctly, the ones I had were replaced by the current line. (The ones you just bought.)

You should like them very much. The speakers are very easy to drive and are not difficult to find a good room placement. More importantly, they have great pacing and are just fun to listen to. If you can, post back on how you like them, once You've had a chance to listen.
After getting a chance to listen to them for a while here are my impressions:

-Truly full range speaker (I didn't realize how much I got used to not hearing the bass and the high frequencies as well
-The full range really makes the soundstage believable and fills up the room
-Detail in all ranges (hearing things I never heard before
-It gets the texture of different instruments correct
-More dynamic
-Space - instruments have their own location within the soundstage
Recently picked up some KEF LS50's. Awfully good. Pretty amazing for the size of the box. Lots of technology in these guys.
The full range really makes the soundstage believable and fills up the room
exactly,that it what I remember from the past with RS6. Ability to fill the room.I could listen 5m away and enjoy the sound,now to reach the same full sound with dynaudio or harbeth I need listen 2m awy from speakers
gershman X1.
I agree with joc3021 however for more dynamics and a bit more forgiving with rock, I would get the kef r300 same technology with added bass driver. Good luck
Can you fit in Magnepan MMG's? If its 8ft or less from them, you will love them! Great for jazz & rock if it isnt a bigger room. 1.6's are $800 and they are fantastic speakers. They will rock out with a decent amp....even a cheap Emotiva!

Ive been down the 400-800 road, and IMO you won't beat the 1.6's. I have owned a ton of the famous value speakers and the 1.6's win hands down.
Stretch your budget for the "revolutionary" KEF LS50's - and you won't ever look back!