Small Speaker Recommendations Please

My mother needs two sets of small speakers, each will be used along with a Sony receiver and 5 disc CDP. One pair will be used in the living room and will be placed on top of a wall unit. The second will be in the bedroom and placed next to the TV stand on the floor so I could use ones that can be tilted upwards or I am going to buy those cheap wood stands that IKEA sells. I am looking for small speakers that are cheap but sound OK. Did I mention cheap like $50 to $100 a pair.

Thanks for your recommendations.
Easy - Stuff available right now

PSB Mites - Item: 1125885557- $75
PSB Alpha B - Item: 1125722696 - $135
Paradigm Titan - Item: 1125161766 - $99

Bet there's a lot more if you look. These are all fine choices.
If you get these, you won't have to get the stands - these are engineered in Germany - and made in China like many audio components today.

Better than Bose - no listener fatigue, and probably the best under $100 speaker you can buy now.

These are $103 delivered with stands !
Here is a review on them.
How do you get 20hz out of a 6.5" woofer in such a small enclosure?
Ja, they said there are mistakes in their web sight - but for the price, the speakers are supposed to be pretty good - better than Bose for sure.