small spades on used solid state amp

Does anyone know of a used solid state amp that takes small spades (3/8)

Old Macs, Nikko Alpha, Accuphase E202...
Hi Zoot. 3/8 is not a small spade.
Never needed the spade size when I had speaker cable terminated. Just said small spades for barrier strip (Quicksilver 90 monos with barrier strips) and bananas on the speaker end... Current cables made by WyWires... want to use SS instead of tubes here in AZ during summer. If I can't find a old amp or adaptor... I'll have to get different cables

The size you need for the barrier strip 1/4 in.

Also, if I am reading your post right, you're basing your purchase decision solely on weather the amp will accept the small spades on your cables. I don't mean to offend you, but that is a really bad idea. Buy a better amp and get some zip cord at Walmart. I gaurantee that will sound better than just buying an amp just because it fits your cables.