Small size tube amps...any recommendations??

I'd like to know if there are triode or whatever amps out there that use skinny power tubes the size of a pinkie....that don't use bigger EL34 or 6550 size tubes.

I have relatively efficient speakers...Soliloquy 5.3 ...90dB...reportedly will play with as few as 8 watts.

A long time ago I heard a small amp with small-diameter power tubes and it sounded very nice - but I needed gobs of power then for my DQ 10's.

Please recommend some to check out.

Many thanks!

Wavelength amps are among the very best and a must for your list.
I have the 5.3's as well, and I've been auditioning SET amps all week. As low as 7 watts in a medium size room, and have not turned the amp past halfway. I don't know if you have purchased an amp yet, but I'd love to hear about what you've auditioned.
Also, I must mention that I have a set of DH-10's as well, and I've been getting MUCH more out of the speakers with Signal Cables shotgun bi-wire setup. In fact, they bested by far some cables that sell for $550, and I paid $180 for a 10' pair with banana plug upgrades.
Hope this is of help to you.
Sophia Baby Amplifier... very small, but delivers 10 watts with excellent frequency range and low noise.
A ten pound beast using all small tubes. Fabulous sounding that destroys my previous tube amps from:
Cary, VTL & Air Tight.
Hard to find to demo, harder to get, even harder to find used...If you're ever near Philly you're welcome to hear mine.
The Almarro 205A is the ONLY one. The KING!