Small size monitor suggestions

I am considering small monitors that will need to be placed fairly close to a wall. Amp is Cyrus 8 (70 watts). Initially I was thinking about Totem Model 1 Signatures, but they are not great close to the wall. Other possiilities include ProAc Tablette 8, Dynaudio Contour 1.4, Reference 3a Dulcet. Anyone have opinions on these? Are there other possibilities I have not thought of? Thanks for your help.
Triangle Titus's.
Narrow your choices to those that are front ported.
Consider the Diapason Adamantes II.
They're not monitors, but Totem Arro's work very well close to the wall, and they are just as (if not more so) unobtrusive as monitors w/ stands.
ATC's are exactly what you're looking for.

SCM7, SCM10, SCM12 or 20's, you could ditch the amp for active 10's and 20's. Sealed design, made to be placed close to a wall...<18"

Also Blue Sky System One 2.1, active with a subwoofer, again no amp required.

I'm an ATC dealer, but I had nothing to do with the fact they will suit your needs. :)
What's your budget?

I have tried about every monitor there is. I have a very small room and need the speakers no more than 18" from rear wall.
The following all work well in this situation:

North Acoustics Spirits,really nice speakers
Neat Petites
Joseph Audio RM7si
Linn Tukans, Katans, or Kans
AVI Neutrons
ATC as mentioned, but they need volume to sound their best
Aerial Acoustics Model 5
Von Schweikert VR1
Naim N-Sats
Spendor LS3/5

There are more, but these should get you started.
I'm a big fan of ProAc Tablette Reference 8's, and I own a pair of the Signatures. You can use these fairly close to a rear wall (mine are about 18" out in my office), and they sound pretty good. Another option is the bookshelf model from Induction Dynamics. I have heard these stacked in a bookshelf, with books right up against them, and they still sounded great.

with Cyrus 8, you are limited with very few speakers.
You'll need at least double or triple amount of power to drive most of the sealed speakers ( close to the wall is never an issue .)
I've had my Dulcets for about 6 months now, and they are excellent close to the wall in a near-field situation. I love their clear, direct, open-throated sound. Although I like the Totem sound very much, I think the Dulcets superior for the application you describe at least until the Totem Mani level.
ATCs are great, however very critical of front end and inefficient. Spendors are great musically and forgiving of front end flaws. Axioms are best value.