Small Shelf System For Baby's Room?

I am wondering if folks can recommend a small shelf system for a baby's room that has a digital input for an Apple airport express, as well as a CD player. The Meridian F80 would be perfect if it was less $$$ and didn't have a Ferrari emblem on it. Thanks for the help!
The tivoli model one does not have a digital input, but it does have an analog input for the airport express. Very cheap and pretty decent sounding.
I might be tough to find a digital input in a shelf system. An alternative could be an inexpensive DAC with optical output, like the Musical Fidelity V-DAC or a Valab, connected to the Airport Express and then to something like the Tivoli S7horton recommended or a Cambridge Soundworks 720 or 765.
Instead of using the Airport, what about a Squeezebox Boom or whatever it's called? It streams music and has a built in amp and speaker. Not sure about inputs, but would you really need a CDP if you're streaming music?
Don't be a cheapskate,get the little bugger an entire MBL system!!!!!
"Don't be a cheapskate,get the little bugger an entire MBL system!!!!!"..... I,m with Tpreaves , start em young! Cheers