Small Room Help

My listening room has changed. I am in a room 20x15, and contraints with power, case, etc., place the gear on the narrowest width. Instead of 17' from the speakers (old room) i am about 11' I tried to get my old B&W 802 Speakers to give some adequate sound..But I could not. I need help on auditioning some new speakers. Something that by sound and size won't overpower the room.I listen to classical and jazz; hi rez, sacd, and vinyl

Any help here will be greatly appreciated. I am near a couple of large cities so that I can do some research
Thanks. $ not the biggest concern
20 X 14 is not a small room. You have plenty of choices, almost limitless.
Sorry, meant 20 X 15
I can exchange my 12.5X13.5 room with your room. Then u can call it legit small.
Even with the speakers on short wall you should be able to get excellent sound. What is the specific problem and do you have any acoustic treatments in the room? I would guess that you are having some lower frequency problems with the bass?
You have a nice room. 15X20 would be considered a medium size room. If you are setting up on the short wall you should be able to get some distance between you and the speakers without being backed up against a wall. If you are setting up on the long wall spread the speakers out to create the distance you need. However, you will need room treatment behind the listening position to eliminate the reflection that will distort the sound. In this situation the higher you turn up the volume the worse it sounds.
Rooms sound different. How much time have you spent in your new "size"?

Get some blankets and a mirror. Have someone place the mirror on the l and r side wall to where you can see the speaker in it from your listening position then attach a blanket to those positions. If you don't have carpeting on the floor, do the same thing to the floor in front of the speakers. Does that make things any better? If it does you can "upgrade" the blankets.

Even if you buy new/different speakers, it doesn't hurt to cut down on these reflection points.

As far as new speaker recs...I'd encourage you to give the different Magnepan models a listen. Being line source types, they have less side wall and floor "bounce".
B&W Matrix 802's? Those are tough beasts to power & get good results out of IMO, but they still have their fans. Or do you mean N802's?

What is your amp(s) & the rest of your system? (& WHY don't people include that sort of info when they ask questions like this)? You might need more power/better amp(s), with the 802's.....
I use a Lyngdorf DPA-1 digital preamp with RoomPerfect room correction in my room and it works wonderfully to tame my room acoustics. Plus it offers both digital and analog inputs so it's quite flexible. Hook it up to the amp and speakers of your choice, run the RoomPerfect setup, and you're 90 percent (or closer) to where you'd want to be.

I should add that this unit also contains a great DAC and digital crossover (if needed) and it sounds sweet and analogous.

Or alternately you could experiment with buying and selling every speaker you can afford until you find ones that are closer to your liking and don't forget to install copious acoustic room treatments and tube traps...