Small room electrostat/ planar speaker?

In about 30 days will be moving to a new home where its going to be hard to make my 1.7 maggies work in a spouse friendly way ( the only large room is the main living room). I've always gravitated to planars and electrostatics, box speakers that don't sound colored or slow usually cost more than my entire system. Where I'd like to end up is a system that's extremely resolving at low to moderate volume levels, my main dissatisfaction with my current Mg 1.7 speakers and Prima Luna amp is that it really doesn't come to life until the volume is moderate listening levels or higher.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen something that approaches the coherency and speed of the 1.7s that would work in an 11x12 listening room? I'd like to keep the cost limited to $4k if possible.
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@clio09, I have a nice pair of the LFT-4 I could let go. Research that model, and if you're interested maybe we can do some horse trading!
Essence Electrostats are extremely transparent, are ( about) 12 inches wide by 2inches deep ( the panels) and 48 inches tall.   Quads in sound but only $2000 shipped from Netherlands. 
i wonder who keeps saying you cant make good bass in a small room?  cars make great bass, headphones make great bass,  yes a bigger room is advantageous but good bass is very much an option in a small room.  

that being said, I like the suggestion of the newform research even tho they arent made any more, and would also suggest some red rose ribbon monitors or adam audio folded ribbons.  
Alta Audio Solos are excellent small room, low to moderate volume speakers IMO-single driver & deals can be had online now-I have them and love them with my Temple Audio Bantam Gold amplifier.

Have not listened to the Audience 1 + 1 v2+ but have read great things (Quad-like) about them & have (very) high hopes.

Also, the KEF LS50 Wireless; with DSP they are time & phase "accurate"-ditto above-have not heard yet.

Maybe best of all are my Ohm Microwalsh talls-Amazin!