Small room electrostat/ planar speaker?

In about 30 days will be moving to a new home where its going to be hard to make my 1.7 maggies work in a spouse friendly way ( the only large room is the main living room). I've always gravitated to planars and electrostatics, box speakers that don't sound colored or slow usually cost more than my entire system. Where I'd like to end up is a system that's extremely resolving at low to moderate volume levels, my main dissatisfaction with my current Mg 1.7 speakers and Prima Luna amp is that it really doesn't come to life until the volume is moderate listening levels or higher.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen something that approaches the coherency and speed of the 1.7s that would work in an 11x12 listening room? I'd like to keep the cost limited to $4k if possible.
Wendell told me the wall mounts do not have as good an SQ vs. cost curve as the floor standing speakers.  He also told me that the 3.7's have a SMALLER acoustical footprint than the 1.7's - when I asked if that was due to the different technologies used in the speakers, he said "yes".  I did not press him on it as trade secrets are important.  That will alter the visual experience of being in the room of course.

Room treatments can also work wonders if they don't destroy the visuals in the room.

If you can find a knowledgeable dealer a visit with a diagram of the room and photos will help - a call to Wendell is a good idea too.
Nothing with meaningful bass is going to sound great in an 11x12 room - too small and nearly square, double trouble. I’d try to find something with limited bass output and a mellow top end. That will sound balanced without subwoofers, which you should skip in that space. Something like the Ref 3a de Capo might be a good call.

If you really want a planar.....You could try the MMG. Altho it’s not a perfect fit, at least it won’t dump a ton of very long wavelengths into your space and it sounds good as a stand alone speaker
Chayro has a good point. Try your speakers. A buddy of mine has a set of Maggie IIB's he had rebuillt by Magnepan about 10 years ago.

When I look at how he has the speakers set up, I can't believe they sound as good as they do in his tiny living room. They're only about 2.5 feet away from the wall, but they do a great job in that little room.
Definitely stay with planners, I say.

I've owned Mag Tympani 1a's, II's, and SMG's. But I've come to prefer Quads. I've owned ESL 57's, 2805's, and 2905's.  The 2905's are the best, with an octave more, top and bottom, but they are no more musical than the ESL57's. If you're on a budget, ESL57's can't be beat, but make sure that they are in good shape.

AudioNote speakers are designed to be placed in the corners they may be ideal for your situation. there is a few models to look at and they come up used from time to time. I've owned electrostats and AudioNote and the AN's are very satisfying.