Small room bookshelf speaker recommendations

My listening room at present is on the smallish size, about 12x12 feet. I've had a pair of PSB Image B25 speakers on stands and they're good for what they are, but I'm thinking of something better. Small room size means the speakers need to stay sort of close to the back wall. Unfortunately I cannot go too high on volume without causing domestic issues. So I'm looking for a speaker that will be an upgrade to the PSBs, maybe front ported for the bass, and manage to sound good at reasonable volumes. However anything with too much bass is not preferred due to these limitations, so a bookshelf speaker might still be the best option. My budget is $1500-3000 more or less.

My present system is a Rega Brio R amp with a W4S DAC-2 for a source, and occasional Rega TT use. My music tastes are varied-- mostly rock (but not heavy), jazz, electronic, seldom classical and never country. I do like to hear good sounding vocals, particularly female.

The Usher BE-718 (used) looks attractive, as does its replacement the Dancer Mini-X. Unfortunately there is no dealer in my area to give them a listen. I've listened to a few smallish monitor types (Excite X12) and they're not bad, but would like to get a bit more bass. And there's a Bunch of other appealing bookshelf speakers, but too many to check them all out, so I'm looking for other opinions and guidance. Thanks.
Rega R1 or RS1 . About as neutral as speakers get.Designed to be used against wall.
Spendor SA1's. Magical mini bookshelf's (12" tall) that are as natural sounding as you can get and throw an enormous soundstage. Have had them for a few years in my BR system and every now and then I look up and say: "Damn, these are really good."

Two to look at. First there are the Rega R1s. Designed to go against the wall or inside a bookcase. Good amount of bass. Next step up, would be the Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1s. Everything I said about the Regas plus the Sierra 1s can be placed on their sides. Have owned both sets of speakers happily. Both play accurately when played low. Well within your budget as both are under a grand.

I am constantly impressed by Revel and Sonus Faber. However, Brit companies like Spendour,Proac,etc are strong in this area as well.
Given that Rega speakers are voiced by Rega on Rega amps
AND they universally are highly rated , seems a no-brainer to me.
Thanks all and I hope to hear more. Let me clarify a bit-- I do have a foot or so in back of the speakers to spare, but not much more. So while all those up against the wall speakers still qualify, this might open it up to a few more suggestions. Thanks again.
Foot away is essentially up against the wall.
Harbeth P3ESR is the most musical speaker I have owned. The Spendor 3/5r is a close second but the Harbeths are something special!
I would also consider the Totem Sttaf. It is a floor stander but it does have a small footprint. Not base heavy by any means. One of the best I have heard at low volume and very easy to drive. Rear ported but seems to work close to walls. I like it with Naim and have not heard it with Rega. But given how easy it is to drive, it should match well.
Original Sonus Faber Concerto and Concerto Home are front ported and very sweet speakers. They would be wonderful with jazz and female vocal. Hard rock is not their forte, but it depends on the rock you listen to.

Spendor and Harbeth are good options, although again I do not think of them as rock speakers. Not sure about their porting.
Two that come to mind for me is the ProAc 1sc's and DeVore's bookshelf speaker.
I think you would be wise to consider a monitor/sub-woofer combo; not for the bass volume but because a sub may allow you to better control the bass. If I were in your shoes, I would probably look hard at the PSB Imagine Mini with matching stands, a small sealed box sub from SVS, and some sort of room correction device. Throw in a few decent cables and some room treatments and you are still going to be under your $3K budget.
Fritz speakers...