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I currently have Parasound Halo c2 processor and Halo a-52 Amplifier, source is usually from my server where all my music has been stored.
My problem is the speakers. I started out with Energy RC10s but moved them into the library and replaced them with a pair of Focal 806Vs. I like the 806s very much but the highs can lead to a bit of listening fatigue so am looking replace them with something with less highs but still accurate and smooth. I have now gone to Dali Ikon6 floorstanders and the highe end fatigue is gone and I like the ribbon tweeter. However the Ikon is a bit slow and thick in the bottom, lost of bass but fuzzy. So I am now considering a handful of new speakers to replace the Ikons.
Of course the biggest problem is finding a place to listen to anything above the Best Buy lines. I did go to BB and listened to ML40s, did not like them at all, listened to the B&W CM8 AND CM9 DIDNT CARE FOR THEM EITHER. tHE LAST PAIR WAS ML ESL and I was quits impressed. The problem is room size, I am stuck with 9 x 12 x 8. I can do what I want for acoustic treatments so that's not a problem.
I am considering several speakers that I would like to get some real life impressions rather than the proverbial GREATEST SPEAKERS AT TWICE THE PRICE that seem to be the normal from the reviewers.
Speakers being considered
SF Luito,Grand Piano Home or Veneer.
Dynaudio Focus 220
Revel F206

SF venere Cremona auditor
Dynaudio C1.3
Revel m22
I live in Las Vegas and not much to hear here.
might possibly take a road trip to AZ or
or wait til January and go to The Show when CES is here in vegas. But I have no idea how I would get in. Ive heard that I need to be in the business or a member of the Audiophile Association (non in Vegas).
So maybe someone here can help and or advise.
I have been looking for someone in Vegas to have discussions and maybe listening sessions with but nothing so far any body knows someone let me know. I could use help in several areas.

Thanks all for any help you can provide.
You might want to make contact with Tony Chipelo of Electra-Fidelity. He's in Las Vegas. Here's his website:

I've been friends with Tony for years. His dealership isn't very old but it comes with a lot of experience.

I love and have owned SF, Dynaudio and Focal . If the Focal tweeter gets to you try going up their line to say Electra or better. You will find the tweeter gets better plus they are more holographic in their sound stage like the Cremoras.
PS No silver speaker wires either.
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The Dali Ikon 6 do not have slow bass, which tells me that probably you have
placed them too close to the room boundaries (walls or corners). If you can try
them again try to move them farther from the wall and/or use foam plagues into
their ports (I do not know whether or not the Dali ships the Ikons with foam
plagues, though).

Another solution, and a better solution IMO, is to use Dali Ikon monitor with a
good subwoofer (i.e. not a Dali sub). When properly set up, this combo will give
you much more low bass and impact that the Ikon 6.
This may sound like a suggestion out of left field, but you might look at the Reference 3A Dulcet or the De Capo. Both are stand-mount speakers that are massively coherent and musical while offering satisfying, if not room-shaking, bass. I've owned both and used them in a slightly larger room than yours, and love them.
I have a small room also. I would highly recommend staying away from floorstanding speakers and go the monitor route instead. I am using vapor audio cirrus right now with great success. You may want to look into a speaker like the kef ls50. A great speaker. Doesn't go very low, but might be good fit for your room size. Fritz also makes some great monitors that worked well in my room
Thanks All for the comments. I have to say that I agree about the comment about going to a better monitors. I have considered the DeCapos but know very little about them. Im mostly wanting a very good soundstage like my Focals have but mellower in the highs. I'm only thinking about SF, Dynaudio and Revel because of reputation and reviews, not a really good basis to choose speakers but if you can't hear em what choice is there? Any one have any comments on DIY using 2 ScanSpeak Revelators and a Revelator soft dome tweeter in a MTM configuration about 22 inches tall and stands. I have a full woodshop, was an engineer for many years and use hand rubbed French polish finishing. I would probably have Meniscus design the crossovers using top grade components. Price for those would be about $1500.
I went to the RMAF in Denver last year to audition speakers. The show this year, occurs next month. It's obviously, a 12-14 hr. drive from Vegas, but as we found last year, when we went from Denver to Vegas, it sure is a beautiful drive -- especially with our coming from the midwest.
With small rooms, you want small speakers, otherwise the imaging will be all screwed up. You want fewer point sources. KEF's LS50 is perfect in this regard.

The LS50 however, do require lots of empty space around them, otherwise they don't sound good, check the manual, it's around 50x100cm space... I have them half plugged. Fully plugged just kills the dynamics.
I have a small room and two things made a huge difference for me, acoustic treatments and gear placement.

I think it is of no use trying to correct room issues by trying different speakers. Each speaker will present its own problems as a result of the room. As you seemed to have experienced.

Your fuzzy or lost bass can be addressed with absorption panels strategically located. Also be sure to keep sufficient free space between the speakers.
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I am using the exact Parasound combination as you in a slightly larger room with Revel F32's and I am very pleased. I would at least give a listen to the newer Revel offerings as I've heard good things about them- neither particularly bright or flat. I have also always been a fan of Sonus Faber's stuff- smoooooth and very addictive. One of these speakers should fit your bill, but as always its about matching to the room and overall system synergy.