Small room and Montana SP3 or EPS Speakers?

I have a small listening room, 11.5' X 12' and thinking about purchasing Montana SP3 or EPS speakers. Has anyone had any experience with these speakers in a small listening room? Thanks.
What is in the rest of your system and what type of music do you listen to. Price range? There are some good options.
Conrad Johnson tube pre amp, Sonic Frontiers tube monos(160 watts per channel) PS Audio digital, VPI turntable. Price range is under 10K, listen to jazz, female vocals, 60's rock and blues. Looking at these 2 models as I have a dealer 100 miles away that will allow a home demo. I thought I might save some time driving and hauling speakers back and forth if someone had any experience with these speakers in a small room. Thanks.
I have the earlier version of the SP3, the SP2 Signatures. They are in a rather large room, 26X16. They sound great, but I'm not sure how they would behave in your smallish room. I think perhaps the EPS would be a better match. My SP2s have pretty good bass output, so the SP3s might overload your room.

As for as quality of sound, the Montanas are pretty special. Not overly analytical or hyper detailed, but very dynamic and relaxed all at once. My SP2s will play as loudly as I care to listen with 100 watts of tube power without ever straining.

I think it would be well worth the time and effort to demo them in your own room. That is the only way to be really sure.

Good luck,

Small correction. I meant to say that the DPS would probably work better, not the EPS. Montanas model numbers are confusing to say the least.