Small RCA ended Ic search

Hi, I’m looking for interconnects with “not big” connectors… for use with an HT receiver & outboard amps.

Good enough quality for HT and MUSIC… in that order. Also not tremendously pricey ones either… given the application, naturally.

So far I’ve tried and liked the Audio Art and Micro Pearl… any other suggestions ??

Thanks much…
The entry-level Transparent interconnects (The Link & MusicLink) have small connectors that are still high quality and grip the connectors well. They sound good too.


Thank you. I'll bare them in mind.
Van den Hul still uses small thin RCA plugs at all price points.


10 4. I do appreciate it.
Are all the Nordost cables using the same RCA terminations... Red.. etc. ???

The ones that were on the Blue Heavens I owned some time back worked well in that application.

or so I seem to recall.
Ive used Eichmann cables to good effect on my HT receiver