Small quality HiFi subs reaching 22Hz

Any recommendations for good small subs to support ported monitors reaching 40Hz. Just aquired pair of System Audio SA2K monitors, and would like something nice to reach low 20's.

Mainly listen to a full spectrum of jazz (includes "fusion"), classical, movie scores, and ambient electronic music.

Sub won't require much amplification to match monitor output.

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What is your idea of "small"?

There are only a few of ways to recreate real low frequencies - high cabinet volume, high cone excursion, and gobbs of power.

Accurate "Low 20's" is going to to take a lot of all three. I would be very, very, leery of any small subwoofer claiming to reach into the 20's accurately. Hell, it takes a lot EQ'ing and power for large subs to do so without massive distortion.
It would be very helpful if you start by giving us your definition of "small". Also a general price range.


You're right. 8"-10" driver in a 12" cube (approx), with 200-400 watts. Pricing = $1200-ish?

Sunfire maybe

Check out Boston Accoustic PV1000; 12", 1000 watt amp, $600 used.
Low 20's ?!!! Are you planning on listening to a lot of pipe organ or double bassoon music?
I'll second Dave's Sunfire suggestion. They make different sizes; check out
20 Hz is no problem for a small driver. Heck, earphones will do that.

The question is how much volume do you want at 20Hz. For reasonable volume there is no substitute for lots of cone area.
Definately check out Pinnacle, the subs are highly regarded.
You are describing the Rega Vulcan..developed in partnership with REL, I believe.. no longer available I'm told. It won't play super loud but it goes pretty deep for a 8" driver.
Maybe Totem Dreamcatcher sub.
Earthquake mkiv-10 or 12 they are cheap at 300.00 on the net.

Thanks all for your recommendations. I knew there were some subs out there that met this criteria (including my little B&W 22Hz AWS-675 back in Cali.), but needed to know what other/better options I had for extended business travels in Chicago. The Sunfire's are a mean little sub, but will check out all your choices.

Thanks so much,

Sunfire True Sub Signature, or James EMB-1000? The True Sub drops to 16Hz and the James down to 22Hz. That aside, any opinions for either, based on sound, speed, flatness, ect, per my posted criteria? Both can be found for less than $1200, used.

Any others not mentioned in previous threads, or are these safe choices?


Frank, for what you describe, I ended my search with a pair of Definitive Technology Super Cube II's.
Try to find a dealer to hear them, you'll know what I mean.
Oh yeah, they're affordable too, great value.

While the Dreamcatcher is a mighty fine musical sub, it it only limited to about 28.5 Hz with proper positioning; furthermore, don't expect it to "slam".

Fast and Musical.

Wow, lots of great reviews, not to mention how low they can go. And you're using two? There's almost 3db of additional output, plus an additional 3Hz drop. People would be surprised how much audio media incorporates sub-to low 20s material, besides typical action movies. Ie; "American Beauty" soundtrack, amongst many.

I'm still looking at my options, but thanks for the tip.

Here's an alternative idea: get a pair of subs, rather than just one, as a pair will provide lots more "oomph". Further, if placed properly, a pair of subs will load the room much better than one.

Outlaw Audio has a good sub (the LFM-1) that was designed for them by Hsu, and Outlaw currently has a special deal on a pair of the LFM-1 subs for $999 (they also provide a 30-day money-back trial). For more info, go to the following link:

Outlaw also has a smaller sub, the LFM-2, and you can get a pair of them for $549. See their web site for more info.

Outlaw's web site re-publishes a number of reviews of the LFM-1 sub. Here are links to three of the better reviews: