Small Preamplifier choices?

Ive been searching for a small, like really small pre amp to use with my two new Audiosource amps that power my 10 y/o Paradigm towers at my vacation home. I want to ditch the receiver on the bar because its too big, old, and eventually liquid is going to get spilled on it. Im also doing this to idiot proof the sound system because Im sick of having to constantly re-tweak the overly complicated/ overkill A/V Sony receiver from family members randomly pushing buttons to hear the iPod or TV input they are looking for (even though they are plainly labeled).

So far, I only have found a brand called TCC and Sumiko's Pro-Ject Pre box. The TCC is in the right price but ugly, and the Sumiko (which fits the bill beautifully) costs fricken $350!

I just want to a small preamp in that size range that isnt rediculously overpriced and has at leasts two inputs.

Any ideas?

Please help good people of Audiogon!

Best Regards,

C. Butler

P.S. The set up I am aiming for is the low profile Audiosource amps with equalizer under the bar (L shaped bar has only a 12" depth), out of the way with a small preamp mounted about a foot above the bar with an iPod dock on top.
How about this little dandy......
Or this:
Look at a used Creek OBH-12 passive pre. It has two inputs and remote. None listed here now but there are a couple on ebay.
Interesting suggestion. I'd never seen that before. Is that a passive preamp? If so, what are the implications of amplifier impdence and interconnect length?
The Kingrex preamp is small and fits your budget. No remote control, though. It's an active design using OPA627 opamps with buffer.
McCormack micro line?
Ditto on the Parasound Zpre2, great sound, headphone output and video connection.
Thank you all for the inputs! It seems the Parasound is a big winnner. I had no clue they even made something like that. It seems to be a niche market as I entered every keyword I could think of.

I found a couple used on ebay for a good price too!

Thank you!
The Doge 8 preamp at about $1,500 is the best pre-amp I have heard under $4,000. It also has a very good phono section. It is a steal at its price and if you can find one used, even more so.
How about a used Luxman C-02 from the 80s? It's a wonderful little preamp, very good built-in phono stage, can be found for about $300 on fleabay or craigslist.
Pre-owned Nagra PL-L tube preamp (if you cannot buy new), it's incredible sound, tiny, and with inputs and outputs including power connector on the sides; only 10 inches deep.

Same size unit with a phono stage is the PL-P but you lose the remote capability.

Disclaimer: I work for Nagra.
I know: way over budget; even used. I re-read the original thread.

My bad.
Check out Richard Lee Audio,he makes real nice passive preamps with 1,2,3 inputs.I have one and they are real nice and the price is in your ballpark.
Check out: