Small popping in speakers AFTER solid state amp is shut off

Wondering if I can get some help ..... I've done searches and everything relates to the pop some have right when shutting off an amp, or snapping within the tube amp itself after being shut off.

Question I have is that I have a solid state amp, and probably 5-10 seconds after I shut it off, I hear a few small popping sounds coming from the speakers.  Maybe 2-4 small pops from each speaker over 5-10 seconds .... and again, this is 5-10 seconds after I've shut the amp off.

Is this something with the capacitors?  I know nothing about this area, but it isn't something like a DC leak and is going to hurt my speakers?  They're not loud, but I'm concerned.

The amp is a Llano A-200 and I'm guessing it's probably 15-20 years old.

Thanks, Scott

Not too uncommon . The sound is a relay switch .
A relay produces a mechanical sound that would not come from the speakers.  I had an old SS amp that eventually died, but before it did it made all sorts of squealing noise after I turned it off.  My guess if that you probably have electrolytic capacitors in the power supply that are going bad.
Sounds like a big problem your amp may be history!!

Yep, a relay switch (of sorts).
Monarchy Audio has them in the 160 se amps . Supposed to hear the noise . Check with the manufacturer .