Small NAD 533 upgrade.....Immediate pleasure.

Thanks to all of your suggestions from a previous thread, I just replaced the stock MDF platter on my NAD 533 table with a Rega glass platter. The immediate difference in the sound of the table is quite apparent, and I'm quite pleased with the improvement. Also, a few months ago, I put a new Goldring stylus on the existing Goldring Elektra cartridge, and also noticed an immediate improvemnt in the music that my LP's are making.

Yeah, sure, I'm looking forward to the day when I can buy my dream analog rig (VPI Scout/ Grado Sonata, or perhaps Nottingham Interspace Jr./Dynavector 20x, or perhaps the Rega P5/Rega Exact).....but for now, with a minimal investment of around $130 for platter and stylus, I'm finding a heightened level of enjoyment with my LP collection, and I'm re-discovering the glory of analog jazz through my Rogue Audio tubes and Vandersteen speakers. The music matters, once again !!
congrats; you're well on your way.

I have the Rogue Cronus, too. But I'm running my P5 through it into 1980's ADS speakers. The Vandersteens are in my HT rig downstairs.

If you like your present sound you'll be very happy with the P5.

Thanks Joe......I appreciate your comment. What cartridge do you have on your P5 ? Are you happy with it ? Do you run it through the Cronus' phono stage, or do you have an outboard stage ? My NAD 533 is being run directly through the Cronus' phono input............Very nice indeed !!!

For now, I'm very satisfied with my "present sound," and I have thoughts of keeping my Vandy 1C's and Rogue Cronus for a long time to come. My next upgrade will be my analog front end, and I'll definitely consider the Rega P5.
a treacherous path you are going down :) Fortunately there is no return path. Keep the dream alive. I started 35 years ago with a BSR table and now have my own personal laboratory (a maplenoll table!) to keep my tweaking itch scratched