Small monitors/bookshelves for classical music

I currently own KEF iQ5 floorstanding speakers and ROTEL RB980BX Power Amp. I listen to classical music(Bach, Mahler, Wagner, etc). Though KEF iQ5 lacks deep bass, I am completely fine with that when listening to classical music.

I am seeking to buy a pair of new/used monitors/bookshelf speakers. I want a truly "bookshelf" speaker which can be put on a desk or even a bookshelf. I will not put them on stands. Neither will I pair them with a subwoofer. But I will pair them with this ROTEL RB980BX. ROTEL RB980BX is very powerful, 120W/ch. I can spend below $600.

After doing multiple painful searches online and on this forum, I have several potential speakers/monitors in mind.
PSB Alpha B1
B&W 686 or 685
Paradigm Mini
Thank you all for recommending so many options to me.
I see several major options:

Von Schweikert VR-1
KEF 103.2
Rega RS1
Silverline Minuet Supreme

I would like to know which is better in dynamic range.
Dynamic range is quite important to me for my symphonic music listening.
You folks recommending the Rega RS-1s, how do they do on violins? I'm wondering if they avoid the stridency and shrillness that seem to plague so many speakers. Thanks.

(I hope this is a clarification for the OP and not a hijacking!)
Hesson11, welcome. So many recommended Rega RS1 but it seems that not many are actually owning them.
I hear no stridency or shrillness with my RS-1's, for violin or any other kind of music to which I listen. And I listen to a very wide variety of music genres.