Small Monitors and Book shelves for Rock Music?

Looking for advise on small monitors and bookshelves that are capable of playing rock music well and with some volume.
Will be connected to a modded mac mini with linear power supply. Any amps recommended for the speaker advice will be appreciated.
Happy Upcoming Holidays to all!!
Hi Nutreez69

If your room has dimensions on the smaller side I say give this combination a try. Right now I'm rocking out with a Hafler 9505 amp powering a pair of KEF Q300 speakers. My DAC is a Schiit BiFrost.

Best of luck with the search.
You may like a pair of KRK powered monitors.
how much do you wan to spend?
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Linn Katan, is a great value and will do what you want. That said, knowing your budget would inform the question. Other posters' suggestion to go active is a good one. The Linn can go active, but is also really good without.
Again, don't know your budget but the Totem Performa3 Series "Ember" ($4200) would be one of the best you could find under $5K. Great bass, impeccable build quality, but pricey.
since no budget I'd go dynaudio C1 for the expensive and era d5 for the budget. thats $7k to 1K. both stand up to rock much better than you would suspect. good bass on both. both need a bit of room but what the heck you can trade perfect position for some slam.
Ooh, I'm so thinking some ATC monitors. You don't mention a budget but maybe some Exposure amps? I'd be looking hard at ATC regardless and figure out the amplification later. They'll rock your world.
HI! Happy New Year and thanx for the responses
my budget is about $5000 all found
Room size is 18L X 14W x 10H
Have a modded mac mini and 30 amp conditioner already but that's all.
check out the Ascend Acoustic Sierra 1...damn great little speaker...can be upgraded to the Sierra 2... that has a new woofer and Raal ribbon... i do own the Sierra 1 and love it....with all the rock and fusion that i play...this is a speaker you should at least take a listen too.

prices vary on finish around 948.per pair Sierra 1
1560. per pair of the Sierra 2
Try Mark and Daniel speaker and have some left over for a good amp

or Fritz Carbon 7s.
There are a pair of ATC 20-20a for sale here for $3k, but they are active so the amps are built into the speakers. Might be worth a look if rock and live-like dynamics are important to you.
Thanks again will check out whatever is suggested and will keep you posted.
Oh man...thanks Drumsgreg for alerting me to the Sierra-2! I'm going to look into that upgrade ASAP.
I was going to suggest Silverline Minuets but then I saw your budget (they currently retail for only $800 I think). Excellent little speakers that can fill a medium sized room. They are rear ported and if you put them near a wall you can get a surprising amount of bass from a 4-inch driver in a small box. You might want to check out some of the larger, more expensive Silverline monitors.
Have a look at some Lenehan ML-1's.
Took a look at Lenehan ..appears to be put together better than most.
Any body else familiar with and heard Lenehan ML 1's and 2's?
One of the best small speakers I've had were PSB M2 Platinums. Great speaker for rock along with a good sub it is one compact system that performs like a big system.

I have since replaced them with a pair of Revel M106 which sound phenomenal, they just don't rock out quite as loud. These speakers with my REL R305 is a kick ass little system.

These are the only two small speakers I could run full range that produced decent bass. With just the right amount of sub at under 60 Hz these speakers sound much bigger than they are without the sub calling attention to itself.

Movies and BluRay concerts sound very convincing in 2.1 through the Revel /REL combo.
Thanks to Oddiofyl
Will also check Revel M106
LSA Statement monitors. I have the Signatures and they are incredible. Bass has major slam while being tight and clean. I have heard the Statements and they are amazing with the ribbon tweeter.

They sound like they should cost double what you can buy them for.