Small Monitor for Berning Micro Zotl?

I'am told the Berning Headphone Amp is capable of driving a very Efficient Speaker.It comes with a set of 5 way binding post.Power output into 4 ohms is 1 watt per channel.Looking for Recommendations.This setup is for a very small office (8'x 10')
Thank You in Advance.
Lookup member Twl. He uses 2 watts per channel to drive Lowther speakers.
Klipschorn corner horns. You can work in the hall. ;-)
TWL sold his MicroZotl when he got the custom made 2 watt Berning amp. It seems as if very sensitive set up, it will work fine, but as the ohm in a lowther might be 8 and above, your available wattage will be halved, each time you up in ohm. You will need an ultra sensitive fullrange driver, higher than the common 96-97 db/watt/meter in order to avoid running out of power. Only Lowthers seem to be qualifying for this duty...or Klipsch hornloaded systems.
Sorry, have to disagree with Bemoptil23. I am using a microZotl to drive Sequerra Met 7s in a 14x 10' office. The current version (mine are older) are rated at 91 dB, and I can get to head banging volume at 1:00 on the volume pot. OTOH, if you want to consider some high eff rear loaded horns that are relatively small, email me.
loth-x bs-1 monitor might work well