small krell or levinson for dynaudio c3.4s??

i am currently driving a pair of dynaudio c3.4s with the krell 2250, and i really honestly love this sound, but i am considering the levinson 431 as an alternative, does anyone have any experience, opinions on this?

the dyn's are pretty smooth, no harshness at all, so a good combo with the krell; but i worry that the 431 is too round for them, and perhaps lacking some low end punch that the 3.4s might need, that the krell definitely provides.

any thoughts from people with these speakers or these amps, or better yet one of the combos?

IMHO, I've used Levinson gear for years & you would have no problem with the low end of their amps. I've had some old Krell amps I prefer the Livinson sound hands down. It all depends on your personal tastes. Let your ears find the answer.
Good Luck
I'm looking at different Mcintosh solid-state amps to go with Dynaudio's contour s3.4.What about Krell or Classe? I don't want to spend more than $1k to $1.5K. I'll probally have to buy something used to be in that price range. Any suggestions?
A buddy has a Mcintosh 402 with his 3.4s...sound great deep bass very powerful.
I have an NAD M3 for my 3.4s and the bass/dynamics are also very good (amp is brand new though and only 2 weeks on it).
At one point I connected an ARC 100.2 I once had to his s3.4s and we were blown out of the water with that combo. It bettered his BATVK500 (w/bat pak), at the bass control and imagaing and overall sound quality. Superb. The Dyns don't NEED a krell or a levinson per se, ie there are musical alternatives, but you certainly could do worse. The 100.2 was the most surprising result I have yet to encounter as it's "only" 100 wpc into 8, but it got easily as loud and dynamic (at the levels we usually play at) as the >2x power BAT.

Anyway in that price range 1-1.5 K have you considered Bryston?

You have many options in that range. If you like the Krell sound them you should stay within their line. Most Levinson amps sound more laid back and a bit warmer than krell amps. Dpack mentioned the Audio Research amps. I feel you would prefer the Audio Research over the ML amps.

As always YMMV and personal preference rules


P.S. I Own Levinson Amps so no flames please.