small ish floor standers WAF 5-8K

I have an aging pair of Totem Forests. They have been wonderful speakers. If I were to upgrade, I need to keep the dimensions reasonably similar: 34-38" tall by 10-14" deep by 8-12" wide. I'm largely stereo music (all types) but speakers will also be used for TV/Blu-Ray. Thanks in advance for your recommendations. Price range is $5000 - $8000.
If you liked the Totem speakers sound then try to audition Dynaudio. I suspect that Totem Forest may use a copy of one of Dynaudio's drivers. Remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Totem had great success using Dynaudio high quality drivers (Totem One).
Hi Shadorne -- I read you many helpful posts with great interest, and thanks for the response. Well, your recommendation was right in line with my thinking -- in fact I have some very good experience with Dynaudio monitors in live sound and they were one of the first places I looked -- but the problem with their loudspeakers is none of them fit the dimensions that I specified above.

So far, I've come up with Coincident Partial Eclipse and Wilson Benesch Curves. Both very hard to audition due limited dealers...
Dgalyn Where are you located?
Gallo or Reference #A Veena/Grand.Sonus Faber-WAF.
I don't know the Totems, but the Merlin VSM series comes to mind as a fine choice for your stated needs - so long as "blue ray/TV" doesn't mean high spl earthquake reproduction from the soundtrack of your action movie.

with your budget I'd say check out the Devore Nines right at your max height requirement.

The Nines....
Frequency Response:29Hz -40kHz
Sensitivity: 90.5dB/W/M
Impendence: 8 ohms
Dimensions: 38"Hx8.5"Wx14.5"D
about $6500US

the Super 8s are shorter and less deep...
Frequency Response:36Hz -40kHz
Sensitivity: 90dB/W/M
Impendence: 8 ohms
Dimensions: 34"Hx8.125"Wx12"D
about $4500US

BTW, I use my Super 8s for 2 channel music and as part of a 5.1 HT. Sounds great. havent heard the Forests though, so can't compare. But the totems appear to be less expensive.

good luck.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to be looking into all of these!