Small integrateds: red wine, bel canto or wyred?

Hi, I am trying to match my tekton lore s speakers (95 efficient) to a small integrated amp. I don't mind if it has a dac or not, I can add one later. For powering the lores in a large room, what would be best? I like warmth and strong bass. I cannot audition as I live abroad and will have to order them. I am looking at the red wine 15, red wine 30, the wyred mint and the bell canto 300i or 5c3i. I like the idea of the red wine but have concerns about bass, the battery and power. Budget is 1500 or so, used okay. Thank you for any ideas.
I'd go for whatever well made class A/B integrated sounds best for you. You'll get the bass you want from the class D amps you mentioned but I don't see you getting the warmth you want.

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I'm using a Heed Obelisk Si with the optional X2 PSU to run a pair of Salk Archos (94db). I find it to be an excellent sounding little unit with plenty of grunt to get the Salks rockin' in they're 14'x27' environment. Take a look on (Hungarian company).
My favorite small integrated amp is the Audiosector "integrated amplifier". Check them out at audiosector dot com. These are as close as I've heard to single-ended triode from solid state. The sound (with suitably efficient speakers) is certainly dynamic with punchy and well controlled bass. Detail is excellent and imaging is precise if not quite as spacious as some other tubed amps I've had. However, what sets this amp apart from most others is its transparency. Most other amps sound opaque in comparison. I had a Wyred ST 500 briefly and, if power weren't an issue, I'd take the Audiosector every time.
I own the Wyred ST-250 (125W) amp powering Meadowlark Kestrels,(89dB). Class D amps run very cool and very efficiently. Fast tight bass with this amp. Plenty of power in my 15'X18'X8' room. I have also been interested in Red wine audio and until now have heard great things about their products. Vinnie Rossi has a great rep with customer care. If you go into their website they have a forum page with tons of satisfied customers. He also sells B stock and demos for bargain prices. I have not heard Bel Canto. I got the wyred because it was cheaper than bel canto and both are class D amps. Good luck in your search.