Small integrated for Silverline Minuets

I'm putting together a modest system around a pair of Minuets and an Oppo DVD player-I might add a small sub later.
I would like to find a compact and simple integrated, made in the USA if possible.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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I am using one of these in my office driving a pair of Silverline Preludes with a Velodyne sub. I upgraded the tubes and it sounds great, built like a tank.
It's not US but I have enjoyed the older Musical Fidelity X-Series or the later version X-150 is worth a look. Here is one on Audiogon right now which I have no connection with:
Another non-US possibility: I have a Rega Brio (the original half-depth model) driving Minuets in my office. Sounds great.
Bel Canto S300i is made in US.
Rogue Cronus (USA)
Exposure 2010S (UK)
In addition to others above:

Portal Audio Panache integrated amplifier

Van Alstine Insight Integrated Control Amplifier

PS Audio Trio C100 Control Amplifier

Jolida JD 1701RC Integrated Hybrid Amplifier with Remote Control
Try Virtue Audio Sensation SS integrated. Has remote, 3 inputs, sub pre-out and wood trim. Small, three versions.

I believe made in USA, at least partially.

I would recommend the 20W Jolida JD 102B tube integrated amp:

Or a Rega Brio 3 integrated amp if you prefer solid state:

As for a small sub, you might want to consider a Canton Chronos sub. I think they are around $700.
You can't go wrong with a Virtue Amp on the Minuets. I use a Virtue One with my Minuets and the sound is wonderful - lots of air, great bass (with in reason) and the resolution is just astounding.

Their 130w psu is strongly recommended, as is a decent power cord. I was floored by the difference a Synergistic research master coupler made.