Small Home Advice

Hey, If anyone has a moment to spare I would like to ask the board (or bored as it may be) about some advice for a small living room sound setup. I take great pride in listening to a WIDE array of music and have an undying love for all things music. So I just need something for a room that will sound warm and welcoming. I've been reading posts on the board for close to two hours now on miscellaneous topics and notice a common idea; that everyone can drop $7,000 on a CDP or Amp. Sorry guys, this isn't feasable at this point. At home I get to listen to Planar speakers in a nice setup. For my personal apartment I want smaller. This is where my thought comes in. I hate Bose, with a passion. Bose systems cost like . . . I dunno... they cost much much much more than they are worth. But then I hear these Anthony Gallo Micro's. And they're like $600 and sound great. So what's out there sneaking around that sounds real good, but doesn't have the insane price tag? I want nothing more than to drop $10,000 on a system, but cannot right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated, or you can just blow me off.
Linn Majik (stereophile class B) integrated amplifier, Linn Tukan and Linn Mimik CD player.You can find all of these components on the Audiogon (used).Majik 450-600$ Tukan 500-600$ Mimik 500+,-$ Check the for the product review. You wont find anything better for the price. Guaranteed!!!
Thanks Eldragon, I have actually never heard of Linn and am always open to checking out new things. I'll ask around and see if anyone down here in the south has them demo'd or whatever. Maybe something will work out. You got it right though. All I need right now is something to listen to music on and to sound good. A pair of nice speakers, a nice amp, and a nice CD Player. Thanks for the help, and I welcome anyone elses criticism or comments. -Ryan
Hey Ryan, as far as speakers go, do you know about the Magnepan MMG? $500 new with a 60 trial period and a factory credit towards an upgrade if you choose to do so. Combine this with an inexpensive high power integrated amplifier( Magnepans love watts), a quality DVD player(quality sound and video versatility), and some quality cables(check and look at MIT cables on sale) and you have a pretty sweet system in the $1500-$1750 range.You could also go Eldragon's route on the cheap and check out the Linn Classik and some nice monitors(Linn Tukans, PSB's, or build a Dynaudio Kit from Madisound). In any case, you should have a quality sound thats only weakness would be in the lower frequencies. Good luck!
Thanks for your input! Actually at home we have (we being my family) a pair of Magneplan 1.6's paired with the Maggie MGSSI Surrounds and MGCCI Center Channel. Those five speakers are running off two Acurus amps, the wattage escapes my mind right now, but I know what you mean by they LOVE watts. Oh and the Acurus ACT-3 is at the head. I haven't heard anyone on the boards discuss Magneplan or Acurus (Monorail?) yet, but I think it sounds great! For both music and movies. I just have to get my dad to replace the wiring, b/c right now it is "lampcord."
What are your impressions of your home system? Not many people have the full Magnepan HT system. The Acurus DIA 100 or 150 was one of the integrateds I had in mind. Where in the South are you? I know a place that has a nice Linn display and am wondering where you found those Maggie surrounds.
I am currently living in Birmingham, AL. I goto school up in Huntsville, AL though. That's why I started this thread, so I'd have something to put in my apartment up there =). The Maggie dealer here in Birmingham is a shop called "Sound Decisions." They are a bunch of really really nice guys. Just for a quick example, I was like 17 years old and my 17 year old friend was with me. We walk into this Stereo shop looking for speakers only to find ourselves in the middle of a place selling speakers that were like thousands of dollars. But the associate(s) took time to sit us down, let us demo them, teach us, and get our input. Even let us go get a Techno CD out of the car to hear what it sounded like. The end result? Like I said, I bring my dad back and we buy a complete Maggie HT system with the Acurus Amps and what-not. Originally we were looking for speakers for music specifically. And I have to say that the Magnepan's blew me away. I am more of a Mid - High person than I am Bass. The 1.6's had an astounding image. I worked at *cough*Sears*cough* before this so I had only seen the crap they sold. Needless to say I was lost in glee. Eventually the guy mentioned that Magneplan offered a Center channel and surrounds. So we chucked out the cash and got it all installed. So, a little over a year later I think that the system in my home is one of the best I've heard. Granted I've just demo'd other stuff at stores, but out of all that stuff I just really don't see a big difference. I'm not well versed enough in technical terms or anything to tell you exactly how I like it. I've rambled enough . . .shutting up now. -Ryan
"Sound Systems" in Birmingham sells Linn equipment. I am in the middle TN area...I'll check out "Sound Decisions" next time I'm in AL.
Go but the latest iss ue of "The Absoloye Sound." They are featuring fully configured, and tested, sytems in ALL price ranges. You can never go wrong with: Rotel RCD 951 CD or Rega Planet Rotel or Creek Integrated Amp B&W 601s (Big choice in $250 - $600 range) Good interconnects and wires from Tara, Nordost, Audioquest. All for around $2000 and YOU WILL be rocking.
I also have had good dealings with Sound Decisions. They have only been here 2 or 3 years but was started by 2 guys from other hifi shops in town. They also carry Aragon, Theta, and Energy stuff.
Yeah, we obviously had to get a sub for the Maggies, we got the Energy 12, which I think works fine. It really ticks me off to hear about how great the Maggie MMGs are, only to also here that I'd have to wait 6 months to get a pair. Bleh. That's my luck. -Ryan
Hey!!! I grew up in Middle Tennessee!!! GO VOLS. ahem. I'm in Charleston SC now, so I'm not really familiar with that area's shops, but I know, Huntsville USED to have grreat shops, but I guess there's not much left now. Try go to surveys, then mail order. Someone has done a pretty good job of compiling a national listing of dealers and the brands they represent. There are ratings from customers, comments, etc. It will let you search by manufacturer, then give you websites or phone numbers. Also, what I would do, if in your shoes at UAH, is to plan a friday-saturday trip over to Atlanta. THere are some SERIOUS HiFi retailers there. Good Luck!!
Hey G13, I was born in Charleston and was just out there a month ago. As far as the MMG's go, I think 4-5 weeks is the average. The 1.6QR's take around 4 months for delivery.
I'd like to thank everyone that's contributed to a decision and see if I can't wrap this thing up soon so I can get the money in order. All in all I think that what I'm looking at right now are the Magnepan MMGs, since I'm already familiar with Maggies and I know I love how they sound. I was looking at the Rotel 951 CD Player for that part. And now all I really need some advice on is Amp / Integrated Amp. Something in the price range of the MMG and Rotel 951. Any thoughts? Oh, and I am setting up an appointment to go demo the Linn system, so we'll see how that goes. Thanks again - Ryan
Look at the June-July issue of "The Absolute Sound". It's devoted to assembling good sound systems, from about $3000 to cost-no-object. They feature 4 inexpensive systems (under $5K) - you might find some good ideas here. One suggestion I can make: Bryston makes a superb integrated amp, the BP-60, which can be purchased if you shop around for around $1200. It's a great unit, and has a 20-year parts and labor warranty.