small-gauge decent AC PC with C7 connector?

I'm just starting down the murky path of AC power conditioners and cords on an otherwise complete system. I picked up an Ultimate Outlet and a few moderately-priced well-regarded cables on A'gon.

Two related questions. I have an 80s Thorens turntable with a fairly sophisticated power supply and electronic controller for its DC servo motor. I imagine this too would benefit from a shielded better-quality power cord insofar as feeding cleaner AC to the supply and offering better speed regulation? Probably not?

If 'yes', where can I find a small-gauge ACPC with a C7 female connector (the two round pins in a small molded connector common on current cheaper stuff with detachable PCs)? The TT draws all of 5W so there's absolutely no need for the bulk of anything more than 16ga. PS audio is starting to mfg $50 'power punch' cables with C7s available, but their 12ga wiring is monumental overkill. My non-exhaustive search hasn't turned up anything else.

Any leads appreciated. Otherwise I'm thinking of just taking a 3' section of some shielded speaker cable and soldering some plugs on it :-O
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Cardas Twinlink "C7" is exactly what you are looking for.
Might be a little late, but try looking at the audioquest nrg-1. It is worth considering I use them on my dvd players, they are shielded and 16ga. AA has them and other audioquest dealers.
Kappa2, you are a little late, but that's just what I did. The nrg1 was just what I was looking for, and I did get it through AA, breaking all my rules of never buying a new ACPC. I don't doubt the Cardas is good, but for feeding a TT power supply seemed $$ overkill. Thanks for your inputs.