Small Footprint Speakers for Rock

I have been using Merlin VSM speakers for quite a few years but now want something more classic rock oriented but with a similar small footprint. I find I drift off asleep listening to the Merlins lately so it's probably time for a change. I would love some big Tannoys or Altecs but they just won't fit without blocking my projector screen. I like the detail and imaging of the Merlins but maybe something less analytical and more musical would be a better fit for me.
My room is 13feet X 16feet X 7.75feet and has bass traps in all corners and traps at the first reflection points on the side walls and ceiling, floor is carpet over wood. Equipment is Joule LAP111 preamp, Blue Circle BC24 80watt amp, REL Strada111 sub, playing vinyl and digital sources.
what price range are you looking for? a pair of gershman avant garde rx-20 have a small 13"x13" footprint and really work well with rock in my experience.
with your rel, id go for a monitor with a big soundstage--proac response, psb synchrony or pardigm signature s1 or s2. you cannot go wrong with any of these.
Look at the System Audio Ranger.
Do the Merlins put you to sleep or is it the 1980 Chateau Climens Barsac?
Harbeth M40.1 or 7ES-3
Usher Be-718
Revel Performa F32 (or F52 if you have room, Even much smaller M22 loves to rock)
Spender Sp1/2R or SP100R
Try Omega Loudspeakers. Louis who designs and builds every pair is a rock afficianado. He loves the stuff, so building a speaker that will play what he likes, was a must.
Check out his site, and give him a call. Explain to him your needs and budget and he will set you up right.
Good luck
Zu Essence - 12x12x12
i have the system audio explorer and they rock like no other hard to demo in USA a guy in the Boston area carries them