small footprint Class A mono blocks and pre amplifier

Would appreciate the forum's assistance regarding small footprint solid state Class A mono blocks and pre amplifier. My entertainment center is only 18 inches deep. Height and Width no problem. Depth particularly with cords is a problem. Current system consists of Crites Cornscalla  speakers, Pass Labs Int30A, Pass Labs XP15,Clear Audio Turntable, Tracer tonearm, Hana MC cartridge and Lumin D2. Speakers very efficient. Prefer to buy used. Budget about $8,000 for mono blocks and pre amplifier.
Nobel100/Tim. You are exactly correct.  I often times exhibit poor judgement and impatience. If the Pass Labs Aleph O monoblocks. dont work out I'll put them on Audigon for sale and try something else.  Maybe Class D.  Thanks for your advice 
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     Sounds good, please keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case.

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Anyone tried an active component cooling device, like at ?

Regarding biamping with the Aegir on the high/mids and the Vidar on the lows, I dig the idea, but this confuses me a bit because these 2 amps have different wattage ratings/output. Wouldn't the ideal setup be to put an active passover between the preamp and the 2 power amps to control the frequencies that go to the speakers? 
I think a good choice would be Electrocompanient either AW-180's or AW-400's if you really need mega power. They operate in class A mode up to 7 watts and don't rely on huge heat sinks. Finding them used may be a bit of a challenge though.