Small Floorstander?

I'm looking for suggestions for a small floorstander that's small/light enough to be moved in and out for listening sessions. The listening position would be in the middle of at 25x20 space, so they would be far from the back wall. I'm looking for something balanced and on the warm side of neutral, hopefully not bass shy like a monitor. I use Herron M1A amps and I listen to all kinds of music from Jazz to Rap except not any rock. Budget is up to $5k used.
Tekton OB Sigma's. I run mine with a sub & they are wonderful speakers. If I had a room your size, I'd add another sub. These throw a huge stage (width & depth) with realistic sized musicians within. 
Totem used to have small speakers with great  sound. Their newest are really thin. 
A lot of great ideas! I’ve got listening sessions scheduled for this and next weekend. Thanks!
@dhcod  +1 on the Gallos if you can find a used pair for sale. I picked up a gently used pair of 3.1s several months ago for just under 1K and couldn't be happier. And because I was under budget I was able to upgrade my interconnects too :-) 

I have a similar room size as you and found the Gallos to fill it quite nicely. They're very lively, dynamic speakers that I'd say fall on the just warm side. They definitely are not bass shy and with the option to add a sub amp to the secondary coils you an always add more if you find it lacking, but that hasn't yet been a problem for me and I listen to a fair amount of hip hop. 
Although I have only heard the Preludes, either the Silverline Audio Prelude or the Prelude+ would be worth n audition.  Thin and lite (under 35 lbs. each), they produce a surprising amount of bass, and have a wonderfully wide sound stage.