Small Floorstander?

I'm looking for suggestions for a small floorstander that's small/light enough to be moved in and out for listening sessions. The listening position would be in the middle of at 25x20 space, so they would be far from the back wall. I'm looking for something balanced and on the warm side of neutral, hopefully not bass shy like a monitor. I use Herron M1A amps and I listen to all kinds of music from Jazz to Rap except not any rock. Budget is up to $5k used.

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They might be a little heavy for your requirements and they are certainly unique looking (some hate the ultra modern spaceship look) but a pair of used Gallo 3.1's or 3.5's. I think they weigh in at about 55-65lbs, but are small and I have little problems moving them in and out of listening position.