Small Floorstander That Uses Ribbon Tweeters?

I'm looking for a small floorstander that uses Ribbon tweeters instead of the conventional dome tweeter. This speaker must sound good in a small room, at low volume and within a close distance.

This speaker caught my attention, and seems to be what im looking for but are no longer being made -

Something similiar to this model would be ideal, maybe even better would be a two way design with more efficiency.

I will be using an Denon PMA-2000ivr intergrated amp ( for now) with is veeeery laid back. Although I plan to upgrade to a NAD 372/375bee/m3 in the near future.

Take a look at the Salk Sound Songtowers with the "RT" (RAAL ribbon tweeter) upgrade. They appear to be receiving some good press.
Might not be as small as you'd like, but Acoustic Zen uses a ribbon tweeter.
Selah audio Grandeur speakers.
Lawrence Audio Mandolin's, Lawrence Audio Violin.
Jaton A&V-803