Small Floorstander That Uses Ribbon Tweeters?

I'm looking for a small floorstander that uses Ribbon tweeters instead of the conventional dome tweeter. This speaker must sound good in a small room, at low volume and within a close distance.

This speaker caught my attention, and seems to be what im looking for but are no longer being made -

Something similiar to this model would be ideal, maybe even better would be a two way design with more efficiency.

I will be using an Denon PMA-2000ivr intergrated amp ( for now) with is veeeery laid back. Although I plan to upgrade to a NAD 372/375bee/m3 in the near future.

Take a look at the Salk Sound Songtowers with the "RT" (RAAL ribbon tweeter) upgrade. They appear to be receiving some good press.
Might not be as small as you'd like, but Acoustic Zen uses a ribbon tweeter.
Selah audio Grandeur speakers.
Lawrence Audio Mandolin's, Lawrence Audio Violin.
Jaton A&V-803
Also Selah audio SSR speakers
Yeah the Acoustic Zen Adagio has a similar footprint to the one in your post but is a little taller and does have a ribbon tweeter. I use an NAD M3 and it is a great match-my favorite amp/speaker combo since we moved to our smaller home.
I have a pair of Celestion 3000 which fits most of your bill, but aren't a true floor stander---they are best with a short 12-15in stand. Send me a note if you are interested.
Vapor Cirrus, amazing monitor speakers that use Skaaning midbase and Raal ribbon tweeter.
Sonist (tube friendly)
I use the Tonian Labs TL-D1 speakers which have a Fostex 8" driver and ribbon tweeter in a small room. 95 dB sensitivity and great at low level listening. Sounds wonderful with both tube and SS amplification. Check out the Positive Feedback review for more info.
Others, which I have mostly not heard, but meet your requirements - The higher lines of Monitor Audio, Piega towers, Nolas, Coincident, entry level Martin Logans.
Price range?
I have a pait of Monitor Audio PL200's in a 14 by 14 room and they have a ribbon tweeter. They have a beautiful and clear sound. I would not hesitate to recommend these to someone.
Elac FS 247s. I have not heard them but they sure do look nice.
Don't forget the Dali lineup; their Icon; or Halycon speakers have a ribbon tweeter with a silk dome hybrid...great and open highs; beautiful cabinets, nice low end for the money....
Ascend acoustics towers with the Raal true ribbon tweeter option, the cabinets are made out of solid bamboo, the cabinets are so hard that you will hurt your knuckles if you do the knock test to listen for any cabinet resonance, you have to google the link below to see pics of them, the pics are a bit grainy as they were taken by one of the forum members, if you want to see better pics you will have to join the forum.
You can also google this to see a close up pic of the front of one of the ascend acoustic towers with the Raal tweeter option, the speakers come in many color options too.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions, this will give me some models to investigate. I especially like the looks of the Salk Song Tower, but am not sure how it will sound in my small room with rock/pop music. Some of the other models mentioned loook nice, but way too big for my application. I'm looking for something that can integrate drivers at a close distance and not sound bright with less than stellar recordings.

I actually used to own the original Ascend CBM-170 back in 2003 and have thought about trying the updated SE model since my equipment is much better than it used to be. The towers look amazing, but again they use too many drivers for what im seeking.
Dave, what is you budget? I listen to rock/pop too and I found the VSA Unifield 3s with the right electronics is an excellent speaker for this application. There is a pair on Agon right now. Good luck.

This is a new model I am interested in for my bedroom system, which is used for music and movies. Has a ribbon tweeter, as well as woofers which are large enough to provide decent impact.
Reviving this old thread:
any other interesting speakers I should look for? I currently have the MicroOnes which are very, very good, but I'm missing the lower frequencies. It would be great to have a speaker that would go down to a clean 25Hz without being large. I'd be willing deal with 43-44'' height, but don't want a large footprint. Can be hard-to-drive speakers, since my amplification will very likely be able to deal with practically anything.
Looking for very neutral, excellent tonal balance and sound stage without losing musicality.
The Soundscape 8 looks promising, but can't seem to find a place to audition them nearby. Elac 609 also looks promising, but won't buy anything without an initial audition.
Any ideas?
The speakers I'm about to recommend are not floorstanders but meet your criteria to a tee. If you don't mind, may I recommend the Clearwave Duet 6 monitors?

In my small to medium sized room they go clean (+/-2db) from 1Khz down to 40Hz, down about 4-5db @31.5Hz and have measurable output @20Hz about 1 meter from the driver. If you listen at mid 70s spl you'll get convincing enough bass to forgo a sub.

I have a review under the speaker review section if you're interested.

All the best,
Small and 25Hz? With ribbon tweeters?
Seems like a myth. But if you want ribbon tweeters, then Ascend Sierra Towers do have that option.
Reverendo If you can find them check out the Scansonic MB 3.5's. Just make sure they are broken in. I heard them with 30 hrs and they didn't sound all great. They will sound a lot better when broken in. The 3.5's go to 30hz with a very small footprint. But I think I saw a thread from you regarding Raidho. No they don't have the clarity as the X1's let alone the D1's. But for a 5.3K price tag I think you will have a hard time bettering them. Not knowing your budget Raidho did announce the X3's (29.5K retail).
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the GoldenEar Triton 7s although you may be better off with the Aon 2s as the 7's bass may be a little over the top in a small room setting.

Both will pair extremelly well with your future choice of amp (NAD 372/375bee/m3).
Hi Nonoise,
Thanks for the suggestion, but my current speakers are monitors and they go down to 45Hz clean. 40Hz at +/-2db. It wouldn't warrant a change, since I'm pretty pleased with them in most any other aspect.
I still appreciate the input.
Best regards
Look at new comer Endeavor Audio. Very good reports so far with a dealer base which means an audition is possible. I don't think they can get to 25hz however.
There is a pair of Neat Motive 2 currently for sale here that would meet your requirements with the exception of the ribbon tweeter. They are a small floor stander that play much bigger than you would think and have bass to the mid 30s. I heard them at a show a couple of years ago and was very impressed with what I heard for the money. They would work very well in a small room and in a near field application. I have no affiliation with the seller. The Salk Songtower RT mentioned above would be a good choice as well.
Thank you very much for the answers.
@Bam214 I heard the dealer that sold me my current speakers talk about getting the E-3 to fill a specific price point. Let's see when he gets one. Thanks for the hint.
@Csmgolf The Motive 2 has a SE version that uses a ribbon, but I believe that I'd probably have to look at the Elite to find the quality that I'm looking for. They are fantastic little speakers, though.
I'm also thinking of taking a look at the Scansonic MB floorstanders. Maybe they'll fit the bill.
I don't know of anything that does all that you want...
Legacy Audio Signature SE comes the closest... AMT Mid & Tweeter, goes down to 22 hz. Height is 18 inches. Footprint is not crazy in size. I didn't see you mention a price. Bill does good work, these are very likeable speakers.
Sorry height is 48 inches
Thanks for pointing in the direction of Legacy Audio. Have heard some very nice things about them, but one unanimous opinion is that placement is very finicky and I need speakers that can behave well even without having many options for positioning them well.
What is your budget? How small is your room?
At the moment the room is the living room, which is 25 feet wide and 17 feet deep. I have split it in a living part (left) and the other part I use for A/V. The A/V part is on the right, which means it has no direct left wall. It is 11 feet wide and continues to be the same 17 feet deep.
I'm looking for speakers which are vesatile and not very finicky about positioning, since, due to work, I move from time to time. You can see a picture of the A/V space in my "System" section.
"speaker that would go down to a clean 25Hz without being large. I'd be willing deal with 43-44'' height, but don't want a large footprint. Can be hard-to-drive speakers, since my amplification will very likely be able to deal with practically anything.
Looking for very neutral, excellent tonal balance and sound stage without losing musicality."

The only speakers that come to my mind with these type of specs are the GoldennEar Triton 3s.

44" high, small footprint, down to 21Hz, 90dB. Neutral with excellent tonal balance. They produce a wide and deep soundstage and you can listen to them at low volume.

Good luck in your quest :-)
Thanks Kiko65.
Had the chance to listen to the Tritons in two occasions and although I believe they have a great cost/benefit situation I always found the integration of their LFs with mids and highs to be very lacking. still, a great bang for buck.