small flat screen tvs?

I am looking for a small(20") falt screen t.v witha buil in DVD player to install in a small(14x14) home gym. The unit will be hung on a pivoting bracket for use during work outs. Any suggestions?
These units are cheap in build and picture quality and you are putting it in a gym, just how much help are you expecting? is my idea, go to Walmart.
This looks like a repeat of something you posted yesterday. Like the man says, go to Walmart or Target.
Also check out your local Costco.
As noted in my response to your previous post on the same topic, look at Toshiba. They make a line of small LCDs with a built in DVD. The picture quality is light years ahead of the budget brand LCDs (which don't typically come in versions with a built-in DVD) I was considering one myself until the audiophile in me kicked in and I "had" to get "separates".