Small diameter, flexible speaker cable under $200?


I'm looking for a very small, inconspicuous speaker cable to go in a bookcase system in my library. It needs to be flexible to cleanly go around many angles. My wife insists on it. Is there any good ones under $200 that aren't Radioshack copper.


Maybe Kimber 4TC? The 4 is about half the size of the 8TC and sounds pretty good. Many strands without large shielding make it fairly flexible in my experience.
It looks like Mapleshade will be perfect for your application.
I'd second the Kimber suggestion above. If you need really long runs, then the cost could go above $200, in which case I'd recommend Kimber 4VS (essentially the same cable at 4TC, except it uses a polyvinyl insulation rather than Teflon). In a bookcase system, I seriously doubt that you will be able to detect any audible differences between 4TC and 4VS cable.
The Carolina Audio cables forgive the photos on the sight.. are fantastic and replaced the much more a expensive and bulky Acoustic Zen Satori's in my system and also outperformed the 47Labs cable that I tried as well by quite a margin... Very flexible and easy to use.
hey pete... how about dh-labs t-14's? they're about the same diameter as the bl-1 interconnects, and are quite flexible. more importantly, i think they are an excellent sounding cable.
I have used DH Labs Q-10 and was going to suggest giving a look at their products...great performers & value
I agree, T-14s would be a good choice
I've never heard them, so take this for what it is, but I've seen speaker cables made by Totem Acoustic (the Canadian speaker manufacturer) that look very flexible, and I believe they're in your price range.

Once again, I haven't heard these, but Totem makes high quality product and it would be worth a look.