Small dedicated listening rooms

Potentially downsizing from a 17’ x 22’ room to a 8’6 x 10’ room.
Currently have huge three-way floor standers that would swallow the room.
Mostly ARC equipment.
Thoughts on speakers with a smaller footprint that don’t have to be too far off the walls?
Budget of 15k max. Used is fine.


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That's very small...but depending on the ceiling height and a few other factors, it can indeed be made to work. I would suggest a stand mount speaker for a room of this size. Along with a small sub--like the REL T0 or similar. Look at my system thread to see how I have managed with a similar size room. 
Duke brings up some very good points. Adding multiple small subs is beneficial, as it will smooth out the overall response. Unfortunately, adding more subs brings its own problems...and that is getting them to blend invisibly into the mix. Not to say it cannot be done, as I have managed this in my room, but it is more difficult to achieve and will take a lot more effort...and patience.
I wouldn't go with the headphone need to.
Since the room measures well and has a high ceiling, I think you are fine.