Small Dedicated Listening Room???

My dedicated listening room is very small (12D x 10W). Because of this I have no choice but to listen in the nearfield. I would like to know if anyone else is challenged with similar listening enviroments and advice one might have reagarding speaker placement, room treatment, tweaks, etc. Thanks...

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It's often hard to find speakers that work well in smaller rooms that must be placed close to corners or walls, etc. I also have a small listening space and have settled on a pair of b&ws, although I hear that there is better to be heard. I'm not affiliated with this company, and I have yet to try their speakers, but there is a guy in north carolina who makes a highly sensitive speaker made specifically to fit into corners. It looks similar to some of the totem models. You can find him at He even offers a full money back guarantee if you're not totally satisified. Good luck with your search.